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Solar Energy Information South Africa

How Bicycle Powered Cell Phones Are Saving Uganda

Worldwide, there are more than one billion people living off the electricity grid and, while, we often hear glamorized stories of millionaires choosing to live without artificial light, they are in the minority. Many don't have a choice. Energy poverty is endemic with about 20 percent of the global population lacking reliable sources to power their electronics, businesses, and plain old light bulbs, which can be a huge problem, especially in our increasingly virtual world. This is why some of Africa's developing nations are looking to the future with solar energy in mind. People and organizations have come together to find solar solutions.

While traveling through subsaharan Africa, entrepreneur Mike Lin witnessed the many off grid families coping with dangerous kerosene lamps.We've been having so many accidents from using kerosene lamps. Children get burnt, said one Ugandan woman. And about 1.5 million people die from kerosene lamp related respiratory illnesses every year. Inspired to build a safe, reliable, energy source, Lin and his cofounder Brian Warshawsky started Fenix International, got people on board, and ReadySet was born a portable energy battery that can be fueled by the sun or pedaling on a stationary bicycle. Its introduction has transformed communities.

Before ReadySet, a Ugandan woman says, I had no hope of getting electricity. But now I just need the sunlight energy to charge my solar panel. It allows her and others to stay connected and has eliminated the need to travel and pay high fees to charge her phone, for example. And for children the majority of whom are unfortunately expected to work during the day light at night means they can do their homework and further their education. These extended periods of light have changed businesses as well, Now I.

Get a lot of customers because I have a bright light. I can even work for 5 hours at night says one shop owner. And hospitals and other facilities can use similar solar energy systems to improve their services. Solar technology is spreading throughout Africa. Partly because of this, Akon, the famous musician, launched a Solar Academy with aims to consolidate African expertise and teach people how to install and maintain solarpowered electricity. And, on a more global scale, the United Nations has decided to name 2015 the Year of Light.

Korea builds worlds first floating solar power plant that tracks sunlight

The sun is our most important source of renewable energy. but unfortunately we havent gotten round to finding a cheap and reliable way of converting into enough electricity for all of us. However. in a small step toward achieving this goal. Korea has just finished construction of a floating solar power plant. the first of its kind in the world. Won Jihyun reports. This massive solar power plant floats on a reservoir in Gyeonggido Province. And round and round it goes. following the suns movements throughout the day. This gigantic facility. that measures around 75hundred square meters was built last.

Year by a Korean energy firm called Solkiss. The floating plant is made of roughly 16hundred solar voltaic modules installed on a floating deck. that rotates on water. Using a tracking system the deck moves in the direction of the sun to maximize efficiency. Since the floating modules can collect sunlight thats reflected off water developers say this type of plant can generate more power than groundbased systems. The groundmounted rotating system can collect solar energy for an average of 3.6 hours a day. Based on our observation from January until June we found out that the.

My Energy Siemens in South Africa

This is where I'm happy. At the ocean in South Africa. This is like nowhere else. In my job, I smile for ten hours a day. So I have to make sure that my batteries are charged. Most of my energy I get from working with people from different cultures in my job. African Perfection. How can I help you I manage a guesthouse. When there is good surf weather, the surfers are positive. If the weather is bad, they are not so happy. Neither am I, when we have power blackouts every now and then.

I used to work on a cruise ship but I always knew would go back to South Africa. I saw the midnight sun and I adored The Caribbean but I love South Africa's mix of cultures and the energy here. South Africa is huge. It is rough. It's 23 coastline. Every time you look you see something new. It goes from desert to forest to ocean. I love the people, the food, the beauty. There is so much vitality and resources here. Supertubes Beach in Jeffreys Bay is one of the world's best places to surf.

I would love to be good at it. And then you're turning to the right. If you're turning, you can't see the wave. I have access to all kinds of resources. Water, seafood, and electrical power. Most of the time. I appreciate my good fortune. When I can, I help in a recyclingproject, where children in the community collect recyclables and earn what we call mulla to pay for things that they need. Good. How many mullas did you get Five mullas. I find that it actually gives me energy to offer my services to people.

Quilt Exhibit at the UN Celebrates Womens Empowerment, Solar Energy

Music gtgt MR. MULREAN I'd like to welcome all of you here this evening to the opening of this remarkable quilt exhibition. This is the third quilt exhibition that the US mission has sponsored in the past five years with the American NGO Quilt For Change. Quilt for Change brings together exhibitions which use the art of quilting to raise awareness of global issues affecting women. gtgt MS. LUCEY The theme of the exhibition is Empower Women Light, hope and opportunity. Light, hope and opportunity are the three elements that Solar Sister provides to our.

Women entrepreneurs. I love this opportunity to work with the quilters because quilting is also a traditional women's activity. So finding that the women who are the quilters have been inspired by the women who are the solar entrepreneurs I think is a perfect circle. This is my first time with being in the UN building and it is pretty impressive, incredibly inspiring. The reason that having the quilt show here and being able to spread the story of light, hope and opportunity and the importance of women and energy is because it is a global issue.

1.4 billion people in the world do not have access to energy. It is an issue that disproportionately affects women and girls. gtgtMS. EISENSTEIN The quilts here are entitled Wind to Enlighten. And the turbines in the background provide the light that hopefully will turn the lights in these homes on. The fabric is created by a Shibori handdyed process that creates the design in the fabric. We are so used to having light and electricity that we often forget that there are people who don't have these. gtgtMS. VON MOOS This quilt was made by 38 women from 15 member clubs around the world.

The beauty of quilting is that it brings women together, working for a common purpose, and not just a purpose, but a greater purpose. gtgtMS. LUCEY I do think that women who are involved with crafts are also women who are connected in some way. If you think of the sewing circle is the traditional thought. And that connection is in this expression global. We have women from all over the world focusing on the same issue at the same time but bringing their individual expression to it. I think that is just a fantastic way to approach women's issues.

Renewable Energy Services Wind Resource Assessment

How do I know if my site is right for wind energy What is the right layout for my site's unique terrain How can I maximize power production Will my project get financed Will my investment pay off over time From sophisticated measurement and analysis, to accurate power projections, Black Veatch using cuttingedge data tools from 3Tier and Windsim can help you explore the potential power of wind on your site. We will help you prioritize turbine locations, determine project scale and estimate power production over your plant's life cycle. This includes during peak and off peak hours and.

Normal climate cycles, ultimately helping you maximize production and efficiency. Onsite, Black Veatch professionals optimize your collection campaign and ensure precise meteorological measurements. We are experienced in the installation, maintenance and operation of industry proven met masts, as well as leading technologies such as SODAR Sonic Detection and Ranging and LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging using the optimal combination of data collection methods means you will see a more accurate, detailed view of your site. We process and translate this data to provide you with advanced analysis of location, elevation,.

Wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, thermodynamic properties, gross capacity, air density and sheer for each turbine in the provided layout. Due to normal climate cycles, the characteristics of the wind will vary from year to year. So we use the observational data to tune a 30year meso scale weather simulation for the site. The simulation output helps us quantify with a high degree of certainty, how the project will perform over its lifetime. It is also used to inform site design. To optimize wind turbine placement, we model the meso scale of weather data using powerful.

Simulators software based on computational fluid dynamics. The software combines advanced numeric processing with compelling 3D visualization in a userfriendly interactive interface. The proven, stateoftheart modeling takes into account the most complicated terrain to predict how air flows through a site. Armed with critical data and the best modeling tools, Black Veatch can predict the annual wind speed at your site more accurately, which translates into a capacity factor and annual production estimate that you can rely on. From North America to South Africa, no matter the scale, scope, location or status of your project, Black Veatch will help you make.

Swineline Farm Agricultural Biogas South Africa English

The farm that I'm farming on with my wife and myself we started a pig operation 16, 17 years ago. We built it up to a thousand unit and we specialize in producing wiener pigs The is much less only out of the heard. And in calculations we are producing roughly about 2.22.5 tons per day. Acrona South Africa is the authorized distributor for the Capstone range of microturbines. By offering these solutions we're offering the South African farmer a sustainable appropriate technology for introducing reliable renewable energy solutions.

For the South African farmer. The traditional environmental challenges that's swine farming in South Africa faces is naturally the odor control the normal process for addressing waste and waste management is the use of open anaerobic lagoons these lagoons emit a significant amount of methane rich bio gas. heavily laden in hydrogen sulfites and the most obvious and most striking environmental challenge is odor control. The installation and operation of anaerobic waste treatment plant at a farm like Swineline reduces the odor into the surrounding community by as much as 80.

The whole piggery is build on what I call a toilet system. All the pigs are standing on slanted or gridded floors and the excrete goes through into the channels we flush that out with a bulk volume of water That will then enter into the bio reactor via the channels. Then the bio reactor with the micro biology process with then be converted into bio gas. We have a blower extracting the gas from the reactor, up into the gas treatment plant. The gas treatment plant basically prepares the gas as a fuel for.

The microturbine. Taking out the condensate which the turbine can't work with and also compressing the gas to a pressure that is acceptable for the turbine to operate. All the power that we generate get's fed back into the piggery and such. Where we use it for the heating of piglets, the pumping of water, the running of the force insulation in the housing and recirculation pumps and obliviously a few lights that are running. The installation of this turbine has reduced my electricity usage by a good 30, up to 35 even.

You understand that the farm is a very small farm when you're looking production we've only got one turbine installed but by getting the process more effective it could get to a point that I can reduce my electricity usage by even more than I'm taking off the grid. I also think the technology is of topclass, topnotch I was sold immediately the day I saw how it connects to the grid and how easily and how little maintenance there is on the whole plant. The cost of ownership to the farmer for the operation of a Capstone solution.

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