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Solar Energy Heating

gt;gt; gabriel: it’s my house, it’s not in a mortgage to a bank that if I lose my job I have to give it back. It’s paid. So that’s one of the things I like most. Music Playing I’ve lived in my tiny house for about a year and a half.

I decided to live in a tiny house really to prove a point that it was doable. In Quebec. In northern climates. One of the winters I lived in it was the 2014/2015 It was one of the coldest winters we had since like 100 years or so. It was really cold.

And it only cost me $100 bucks to heat up the whole place all winter. My temperatures were between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius all the time. Really it was my solar heating that was giving me a lot of free energy and I only had to heat up at night with a small electric heater. So it was pretty much like $20 bucks per month of heating. Music Playing.

The first thing we have here is the dining area. We have a lot of storage underneath it. We also have the table right here. So we just put it there with the naval foot. It transforms into a table and a bed.

Up here we have a bed in the mezzanine. We have another mezzanine at the other side which is more for storage. Here we have my desk, my computer, my monitor. You have some storage under here. We’re already in the kitchen, it’s not a big house. Here the more interesting thing that you can see is the fridge.

Which runs on solar. Completely offgrid. For the water it runs with a solar pump. A 12Volt pump. You have also.this here gives a little more space for chopping the vegetables or that kind of thing.

Here we took in the wall to do some storage. These are shelves not steps. So it’s really in the wall. And lastly we have the toilet and shower. It’s a compost toilet. And a small shower.

And all the interior is in pine and cedar. And it was covered in oil. It’s a mix of natural oil. I park it in my family’s backyard. It’s really quiet. We have the river nearby and good neighbours.

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