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Solar Energy Design

Day in the Life Solar Design Engineer

My name is Stefania, and I am a solar design engineer. and I work in a solar company called Luminalt here in San Francisco. And we install solar, thermal, and photovoltaic systems both for residential and commercial applications. Luminalt is a womanowned company. It is focused on building a sustainable community. Energy is a major problem nowadays. The main sources we are exploiting are damaging for our health. I wanted to focus on renewable energy because they seemed to be a good solution. I went to college in Italy. I took classes in.

And mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, both in the field of energy. So my role at Luminalt is providing customers with a designed solar system. So basically after your site visit, in which we have the possibility to talk with the customer and understand his needs, we analyzed their location, then there is a permitting phase in which we actually design the system to be built. So, usually, we use Google Sketch, for smaller residential systems, but when we go larger scale like commercial systems, I like to use AutoCAD, so I can be really precise.

And see how many panels I can fit, and what they will look like. Because I really believe that we live in a city and we won to see beauty around us like it really affect our I will present a witty try to a find the right balance between functionality and index that text you can see the country's which is running down and is going straight at to the inverter the this is more company it's a growing company but at this stage you have the possibility to work weaknesses person who will.

Continue so actually they're different schemes in which me you're developing in engineering part you have to be detail oriented and be very careful how you say it is a wire now you select anger yet hatch analytical skills but does he have to add set up newman's night means you have to deal with the client and really understudy meets understand what he wants i jus engineering because I thing keep key to the possible need to really batch the practical things the technique I ask things and we have a feeling that you can find solutions to problems.

Solar Energy DelftX on edX Course About Tutorial

DR. ARNO SMETS Welcome to the Delft University of Technology. My name is Arno Smets and it's my pleasure to be your lecturer in the course, Solar Energy. In this course, you will be introduced to technologies which convert sunlight into electricity, heat and solar fuels. We will discuss the fundamental physical principles of how a solar cell works and the current status and future challenges of solar energy technologies. I will teach you how to design a solar system for any application. SPEAKER 1 After completion of the course SPEAKER 2 I can analyze the performance of solar cells and modules.

SPEAKER 3 I can explain the various concepts to convert solar energy into electricity, heat and solar fields. SPEAKER 4 I can design on paper a complete photovoltaic system for any application. SPEAKER 5 I can explain the physical working principles of photovoltaic conversion in solar cells. SPEAKER 6 I can describe various solar technologies and their future challenges. SPEAKER 1 On this course, you can also interact with your fellow students all over the world by sharing your own ideas and experiences. GUILLERMO I'm Guillermo and I'm from Ecuador. SPEAKER 7 INAUDIBLE Bangladesh.

SPEAKER 8 I'm INAUDIBLE Achmed from Institute of Renewable Energy at Technology University of INAUDIBLE. SPEAKER 9 I'm a student of the massive open online course of solar energy. SPEAKER 10 Solar energy is becoming more popular in Mexico every day. SPEAKER 11 I am INAUDIBLE from Morocco. SPEAKER 12 Welcome to the Institute of Renewable Energy University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. SPEAKER 13 I will show you my own PV systems. SPEAKER 14 You can watch the system consist of light INAUDIBLE post. SPEAKER 1 You'll surely need and enjoy this course on solar energy.

Solar Energy Facts Green Building Design Guide

Are you tired of living in a house that is too cold in winter or one that is too hot in summer. Maybe your energy bills are very high. Perhaps you're an architect or builder who needs quick access to reliable data. You can design a low energy building using our calculations. This book has everything you need to design an energy efficient building. You can rely on this expert information to design a building that is comfortable in all seasons and costs little to run. Save yourself time and stress.

Solar Movie Save Energy Costs With Climate Sensible Design

In the late 1990's we made a solar movie a tutorial in conjuction with Channel 9 t.v. station. It was introduced by Russell Gooderich as part of the 'Real Estate Programme'. The man who produced the segment, David Karsten, went on to make 'Climate Sensible Designs Living in a Home The Breathes' tutorial which is also available on the solare website. If you think about it, much of the cost of running your home can be directly attributed to heating in winter and cooling in summer. Today David Karsten looks at how much you.

Can save in energy costs by choosing a climate sensible design. Architect Garry Baverstock has devoted 25 years of his career to promoting the advantages of energy efficient home design and says the first step in taking the most advantage of seasonal conditions is to choose a rectangular rather than a square shaped block. In the southern hemisphere we really need to select a block that faces north to the backyard or to the side, in this case here. So that allows the winter sun to come through in the winter time at the same time have privacy from your neighbours.

Once you've established a northerly orientation it's then a case of working in the essential elements of energy efficiency into your home design elements that won't compromise the visual appeal. The basic principles are getting a roughly a two to one proportion placed on the block in order to get the northern exposure. Around about 50 of the northern face should be glass. It's good to have a deciduous pergola effect, either with a Tecto Pergola that we put in our designs or some sort of deciduous vine that shades in summer and exposes in winter.

Insulation layers at roof and ceiling level as well as in the wall cavity works together with the heavyweight mass of the brick and concrete construction to store the energy. Well it's a typical winter's day outside, a cold 13 degrees and I'll tell you what, you really do feel the dfference when you pop inside to a comfortable eighteen and a half degrees. Now, if you consider that's all achieved without the use of heaters, it just goes to show how much of a success this concept really is. Now as well as achieving a constant temperature, a solar hot water unit is another way to save.

On energy costs a subject Garry knows a lot about. I just happen to be chairman of the Solar Hot Water Manufacturers Association and just about to launch a campaign to get the consumer $750 rebate from the government for the purchase of a solar hot water system and we believe that's really important because it enhances the whole effect. The passive solar input saving you about 30 of your energy costs from solar hot water. Another energy efficient feature is the maximisation of daylight by adding a central uplift area.

Like a window or skylight in the centre of the house to get light from a northerly direction to a part of the house that's usually cold and dark. By maximising daylight you can at least halve your electricity bills on lighting. A climate sensible design can save between up to sixty and ninety percent in energy costs and the great news is some of these features can be retrofitted to your existing home. Garry does run university extension courses at UWA and workshops at Homebase in Wembley as well as an advisory line on energy efficient design.

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Everyday, Americans are generating innovative new ideas to tackle our nation's energy challenges. College students who compete in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon are leading the way by showing us how to save money and reduce our carbon footprint with clean energy technologies for the home. This inspiring competition challenges university teams from around the world to build solarpowered houses that are affordable, highly energy efficient, attractive, and easy to live in. To be here and to finally be at the stage to compete is just an amazing feeling.

To win the Solar Decathlon, teams must build an affordable solarpowered home that appeals to consumers and showcases innovative architectural and engineering design. The teams must delicately balance optimal energy production with maximum efficiency. Participants spend nearly two years designing and building their house to be judged in ten contests over two weeks. The result is one of the most highly anticipated design competitions in the world. We tried to keep our systems simple, affordable and reliable, so that anybody could operate and maintain this house. The Solar Decathlon features studentled tours that are free.

To the public. Hundreds of thousands of visitors learn about moneysaving products and gather ideas for their own homes. Millions more hear about the Solar Decathlon and energysaving technologies through national and local news coverage.And thousands more follow the competition online and through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. We're honored to be a part of something as big as this is. Typically in academia you don't actually get to create the things that you design or theorize and research about and this offers a real rare chance for students to get their hands dirty and.

Passive Solar Designs Energy Savings All Year

If you're planning a new home, and you're worried about energy efficiency think about the benefits of good passive solar design. Did you know that you could get up to 50 of your heating needs directly from the sun The design and orientation of the home are key. This house has a lot of southfacing windows to capture the heat from the sun during the winter, and lots of insulation and fewer windows on the north, east and west sides to keep that heat in. Proper shading, though, is important to avoid direct summer heat gains.

This house has roof overhangs, awnings and wellplaced shade trees to help with this. Speaking of windows, you want to make sure that you have highly energyefficient windows, designed to capture the sun's heat on the south side, and to keep that heat in on the other side of the house. Ceramic tiles are also a good idea because they help absorb the heat during the hot part of the day. And an open floor plan allows the air to circulate to make sure that the heat is distributed throughout the house, all day long.

Saving Energy with Solar Power Designing Windmill Blades for Energy Efficiency

The other thing is, when you want to build one, it's very difficult to get the right shape of the blades because these blades have to be very carefully designed that they get most out of it. You would not believe it, but when you see it here, these blades are spinning 3 times faster than the wind. Why Because of the design of the blades, they can spin faster than the wind is blowing. The windmill by itself will start producing electricity with about 6 to 7 miles per hour and then it goes up and gets its peak, its.

Solar Energy Design Analysis For Google SketchUp Ver 1.0.4 Shadow Simulation

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