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Solar Energy Business In Russia

Mass Price Drop in Solar Power No Longer Alternative

Big dropped in solar power prices and hopefully it will make alternative energy no longer alternative there's an article in the economist which talks about the price of photobook uh. the cost of photovoltaic bubble take cells per what but they generate right now in nineteen seventy seven it would cost seven little over seventy six dollars per walked to produce it photo vote apical take cells in nineteen ninetyseven it'd prop to about five dollars per lot and the forecast for the end of this year is only seventy four cents.

Or walked wind farms provide about two percent of the world's electricity and that their capacity is doubling every three years and we really have the opportunity to see huge growth in solar power and that the fascinating thing here is there's two ways to get more efficiency oneway is reduce the cost for the cells such that the collection of one wat goes down but then there's also allowed the cells to harness a higher percentage of the sun's energy which is where we've talked about being stuck with solar power for a while which is.

Going off the grid An experiment in renewable home energy

The expression. going off the grid carries different meanings. For some,. an escape from society and government rule. For a young inventor in Chile, it means saving a lot of money on utilities. Manuel Mata is CEO of company EliBatt. The company worked with the University of Chile to develop an intelligent lithium battery called EliHome. They hope it revolutionizes clean energy consumption. by allowing households to get off the traditional power grid and store excess energy. In reality your consumption is much more efficient, much cheaper because the sun's energy falls on everyone equally, it's free and it can be managed..

Maps That Prove You Dont Really Know Earth

Maps that will make you realize you know nothing about the Earth. This is the world, according to the Mercator map projection. You see this map everywhere, but did you know that it's a total lie! Because the Earth is a sphere, there is no way to show it perfectly on a flat map. So, all maps are distorted. Here is how countries actually compare. You might think North America looking like nothing compared to Russia, but in reality Russia is only about 2.1 times larger than the continental US. Canada here is all wrong.

First of all, it's way too big. Canada is actually only about 1.2 times the size of the US. Secondly, Canada is shaped more like this. The United States vs Canada. What The UK actually looks like this and Madagascar actually looks more like this. And here's what they look like compared to the United States. Greenland and Africa look roughly the same size, but in reality this is how they compare. Africa is almost 14 times larger. In fact, Africa is larger than a lot of places. You know that huge sheet of ice at the bottom of the map.

A Renewable Energy Revolution

1 in 5 people have no access to reliable electricity. Access to energy helps raise people out of poverty and creates opportunity. Clean, renewable energy is the energy of choice in the developing world. Developing countries are leading the way with renewable energy and rethinking the way things are done. Clean energy is practical, costeffective, and provides local economic benefits. Developing countries are installing renewable energy projects at nearly 2 x's the rate of developed nations. Worldwide, solar installations are doubling every 2 years. Renewable energy will overtake coal as the world's largest source of electricity in the next 20 years.

How Bicycle Powered Cell Phones Are Saving Uganda

Worldwide, there are more than one billion people living off the electricity grid and, while, we often hear glamorized stories of millionaires choosing to live without artificial light, they are in the minority. Many don't have a choice. Energy poverty is endemic with about 20 percent of the global population lacking reliable sources to power their electronics, businesses, and plain old light bulbs, which can be a huge problem, especially in our increasingly virtual world. This is why some of Africa's developing nations are looking to the future with solar energy in mind. People and organizations have come together to find solar solutions.

While traveling through subsaharan Africa, entrepreneur Mike Lin witnessed the many off grid families coping with dangerous kerosene lamps.We've been having so many accidents from using kerosene lamps. Children get burnt, said one Ugandan woman. And about 1.5 million people die from kerosene lamp related respiratory illnesses every year. Inspired to build a safe, reliable, energy source, Lin and his cofounder Brian Warshawsky started Fenix International, got people on board, and ReadySet was born a portable energy battery that can be fueled by the sun or pedaling on a stationary bicycle. Its introduction has transformed communities.

Before ReadySet, a Ugandan woman says, I had no hope of getting electricity. But now I just need the sunlight energy to charge my solar panel. It allows her and others to stay connected and has eliminated the need to travel and pay high fees to charge her phone, for example. And for children the majority of whom are unfortunately expected to work during the day light at night means they can do their homework and further their education. These extended periods of light have changed businesses as well, Now I.

Get a lot of customers because I have a bright light. I can even work for 5 hours at night says one shop owner. And hospitals and other facilities can use similar solar energy systems to improve their services. Solar technology is spreading throughout Africa. Partly because of this, Akon, the famous musician, launched a Solar Academy with aims to consolidate African expertise and teach people how to install and maintain solarpowered electricity. And, on a more global scale, the United Nations has decided to name 2015 the Year of Light.

Googles Amazing Floating Data Centers

Google is in the final stages of building a fourstory tall data center on a ship in San Francisco Bay that will be not only cooled, but also powered, renewably, by the ocean. An investigative report by CNET left little doubt that the secretive project is the work of Google, who has set the project up under the name By And Large, a play on the Buy N Large corporation in the Pixar film Wall E. A patent Google filed in 2008 laid out plans for a data center on a barge that is continuously powered by ocean currents, using.

Sea water to cool the servers. This is yet another way Google is leading the world to a better place, because the electricity dedicated to powering America's growing need for data centers is approaching 2 of total domestic energy usage. Not only is this a good move for the environment, but it will allow Google the flexibility to move its data centers wherever they are needed without breaking them down or building new ones from the ground up. It seems the Buy n Large analogy is becoming truer by the day, what with Google already.

Leaders of Korea, Uzbekistan seek economic cooperation beyond energy

President Park Geunhye met for summit talks with Uzbek President Islam Karimov on this Tuesday. In a joint statement, the two leaders agreed to bolster their political, economic and cultural relations. On the economic front, a number of MOUs were signed. Choi Yousun sent this report from Tashkent. President Park's state visit to Uzbekistan this week comes as Korea looks to expand business projects with its number one Central Asian trading partner. In 2013, Korea and Uzbekistan traded goods totaling some two billion U.S. dollars. With a Korean stake of more than eight billion dollars in Uzbek gas field development, and chemical complex construction projects, President Park and her Uzbek counterpart Islam Karimov agreed to expand cooperation in the areas of energy, textiles and transportation. Seoul asked for Tashkent's support for Korean businesses taking part in a 4 billion U.S. dollar Uzbek gas development and processing plant. and in the construction of a 300 million dollar solar plant in Samarkand. Uzbekistan's solar power industry holds great potential thanks to the country's great exposure to sunlight. The two leaders also talked about Korea helping to develop an Uzbek electronic government administrative system. and signing a deal to build a textile complex in the country, which is the world's number six cotton producer. President Park also asked that Korean firms be granted permission to take part in an Uzbek highway construction, as part of a fiveyear transportation infrastructure development project. The Uzbek leader also endorsed President Park's Eurasia Initiative, which aims to reconnect the Far East and Europe through Central Asia,. by linking energy and logistics infrastructure across the continent. The next stop on President Park's Eurasia Initiative campaign tour is Samarkand, a city that was at the heart of the Silk Road. She will then travel to Kazakhstan on Wednesday for a threeday state visit. Choi Yousun, Arirang News, Tashkent..

Studentbuilt house, the T90, on its way to Solar Decathlon

Ltmusicgt Professor Matt Lutz Delta T90 is an effort to show that really highperformance solarpowered housing can be widely available. Sean Wynot Pretty much reinventing affordable efficient housing for Vermont. I mean, it's kind of cool and something that you've never really seen before. Brad Paisker How you can use photovoltaic cells to completely power a house, a thousand foot square house, with nothing but the sun. Sean We're probably at 50 percent completion with construction. Katie Anderson The kitchen will wrap around this space, and then right here is the living room with the TV and the couch.

Brad As you walk through more, there will be a skylight up above you, shedding light into this area. Sarah Patrie This is actually one of the rooms I'm designing. This is the. I'm doing the bedroom, so you have one for the kids in here. Matt The students have contributed and really led from the overall concept of the project, what direction we take it in, to finishing, deciding this detail below the window. Sean The sheetrock from our walls are going to turn this corner at a 90 degree angle or.

Just go right under our windows, eliminating all wood finish, so it's a more modern look. gt music Matt Solar Decathlon is an international design competition that challenges universities to design, build, transport to a common site, and then operate under a ten day period these really high performance solar powered houses. Kaylan Aufdermaur So, the first time they will be out there, that's when we set up, so we'll have a crane out there setting the house and doing all the finishing work that we need to to make it competition ready.

Sarah What I'm mostly excited about is seeing the finished product, because we've all like worked so hard. Katie Even just working on the window details, like they're just lines on a piece of paper, but then in real life we can see the different layers that make up. Matt This project has reinforced and taught me the value of experiential learning, about how one learns through using their hands. Sarah I've never done this, like built a house or anything. So, brand new, something good to do, you know Matt The approach that they decided to take was to make a hammer ready project,.

Reid and Obama Tour Solar Array at Nellis Air Force Base

There's nothing like a quick trip to Vegas, in the middle of the week. Like millions of other Americans, we come to this beautiful city for the sights and for the sounds, and today we come for the sun. Right now we are standing near the largest solar electric plant of its kind in the entire Western Hemisphere. The entire Western hemisphere! More than 72,000 solar panels built on part of an old landfill, provide 25 of the electricity for the 12,000 people who live and work here at Nellis. That is the equivalent of powering.

About 13,200 homes during the day. It's a project that took about half a year to complete, created 200 jobs and will save the U.S. Air Force, which is largest consumer of energy in the federal government nearly one million dollars a year. It will also reduce harmful carbon pollution by 24,000 tons per year which is equivalent of removing 4000 cars from our roads. Most importantly, this base serves as a shining example of what's possible when we harness the power of clean, renewable energy to build a new, firmer foundation.

For economic growth. The president and I had the opportunity to see this great Solar Array here. It's clear, that after doing this tour, almost 30 percent of the electricity this base uses comes from those solar panels. It indicates to me that there's so much more that needs to be done, and can be done, and being very parochial, much of it should be done here in Nevada. The solar panels you see there, think of 188,000 cars, motor vehicles, SUVs, pickups, passenger cars, 188,000 of them would be off the streets.

If we could somehow use the electricity here to power those vehicles. 188,000 cars. We've got it all here. We are the Saudi Arabia, potentially, of renewable energy. Now, why is this important Well, it's important because, as we speak, we are importing 70 percent of our oil from foreign nations. Many of those nations are not friends of ours. Today we will use in America 21 million barrels of oil. Tomorrow will use 21 million barrels of oil, the next day, 21 million barrels of oil. It keeps going up, not down.

We are not a secure nation until we lessen our dependence on foreign oil. After four months of this administration, and 100 days of this recovery act, we have carved out a path toward progress it's a path that begins in places just like this air force base, where ordinary citizens tap into their sense of innovation and ingenuity to reinvent the world around them. This place has been known as the home of fighter pilot. Now it's the home of the largest solar energy installation of its kind of the Western Hemisphere.

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