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Solar Panels Why Paul Chose Canadian ELPS Solar Panels!

Wow, what a view of Niagara Falls! I have several boarders in the house and they obviously use a fair bit of power and it's just generally high! As power goes up or costs go up, I was expecting my power bills to increase quite substantially. My power bills were approximately $2,000 $2,500 per quarter prior to my decision to actually look at solar. Ahhh... firstly I went looking around at different solar companies. I did have a small system put in, 1.5kw system to get a feel for solar. That really didn't even touch my.

Power bill. I ended up looking around and I ran into Michael, Michael Russo. Michael was really good about... he said down with me and actually worked out what power I was using, what power I would need, what sort of panels I would need to actually eliminate that. So it wasn't a matter of looking at cost, it was a matter of looking at reduction of that whole power bill. So it was... coming at it from a different angle that most people do.

They come and say it's going to cost you 'X' to put these in or it's going to cost you 'Y'. Michael looked at it from a different perspective and said, 'Well you're using 60kws, let's put in enough panels to get rid of that 60kws'. I did a lot of website searching and a lot of looking at different types of panels. The Canadian ELPS panels turned out to be one of the better panels that are around. And I was quite happy with Michael and all his suggestions and all the work that he did for me.

Well my understanding is that they... they're efficiency, the amount of power they actually output is greater than a normal panel... than most panels. I knew fully what they were doing today. I was really glad I was sitting here watching when they unloaded the 50 panels and I was thinking... 'You Beauty!'. There's a lot of horror stories as I said out there, that I'm hearing. But I've got confidence in Michael and his team, he seems to have a very good customer service base,.

Has all the information that I needed and I can support that by my own due diligence, in checking up on the internet and all that sort of stuff. Well, the quality of panels... I've checked them out. They've got triple insurance on them so they're covered for any breakage or anything like that, not only by Canadian ELPS but by three different insurance companies. So with this system now, I would expect that I would make quite considerable savings as time goes by and it doesn't really matter how much electricity goes up or down because.

Why Teslas Powerwall Battery Is Amazing

All of humanity just won a really important victory in our battle to lower the CO2 emissions that are causing climate change. Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced the world to the Powerwall, a wallmounted battery for your house which aims to accelerate our transition to clean solar and windpower. Before the powerwall, there was no way to store the energy generated from the panels that capture sunlight on our roofs. So during the day they could give you the power you needed, but at night, you had to rely on the grid, which gets most of its.

Electricity from coal, natural gas, and nuclear reactors. There had been some early home batteries out there, but nothing that was nearly this affordable. But Tesla, which has built thousands of large, lithiumion battery packs for its growing electric car business, was able to produce a similar battery for buildings at a scale that dropped the production costs dramatically. The lowest capacity model will cost just $3,000. And this is the first generation of the productbefore Tesla's even completed building its massive new Gigafactory, or any real competitors have entered the market, events that will surely push the price down.

Even further, while increasing the energy storage capacity of the Powerwall. Here's how it works. When the sun is out, solar panels will power your house and charge the Powerwall at the same time. And when the sun goes down, this charged battery will kick in to meet most or all of your electricity needs until the sun comes back up again the next morning. This is gamechanging. More and more people will go completely offgrid. Every building whether it's a home, office, business, warehouse, factory they can all.

Install solar panels and some Powerwalls and instantly see their fossil fuelgenerated electricity needs drop significantly. Not every building will be able to go completely solarpowered, but most will get pretty close, especially as our appliances become more and more energy efficient. And it gets even better. The powerwall will be connected to the Internet and the rest of the energy grid. Here in Southern California, and most other heavily populated places, the electricity company charges us a lot more when we use electricity during peak timethat's in the afternoon and early evening when the temperatures are warmest and most of us are.

Home and still awake. The Tesla battery is smart, and knows when electricity is cheapest, so that's when it will draw from the grid to charge itself. And then, during peak time when you need electricity, the battery will power the house. Sometimes, you'll be able to sell back unused power to the utility company during peak time to even make a profit. It's basically going to make each individual building its own power station. Overnight, Tesla seems less a futuristic car company, and more like the man who inspired the company's name, a revolutionary electricity engineer named Nikola.

Thanks for watching. If you liked this tutorial, help the conversation spread by hitting that thumbs up button. For TDC, I'm Bryce Plank. on the screen to watch more TDC, like our tutorial running down ten possible clean energy sources of the future or the ten fastest electric cars on the road. You can click to go back on our channel or take us up on our offer for a free audiobook of your choice from Audible, like the soontobereleased profile of Elon Musk. You have to put your credit card number in, but you get to try the service without charge for a whole month,.

Canadas Solar Decathlon 2011 Architecture Audiovisual Presentation

TRTL is designed for the Native peoples of Treaty 7 in Southern Alberta. Inspired by the tipi, our entry honors traditional reverence for the sun as a source of energy and life. The home's solar power and rounded form foster positive spiritual and spatial energy. The Eastfacing entrance invites the first rays of the morning sun into the home. Southfacing windows also bring natural light into shared spaces. The large open concept is centered on gathering, cooking, and eating. Personal spaces are elegantly separated by a central core that houses mechanics, such.

As ventilation and plumbing. The space still remains symbolically connected through a single vaulted ceiling. Traditional respect for the environment is expressed throughout TRTL's design. Natural materials and finishes, including cedar and red ochre, are applied both decoratively and functionally. The moods of different living spaces are tied to the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water. For example, for the bathroom its water. It's about cleansing, and we've used blue as a dominant color in that space. For the kitchen it's fire of course, for the hearth, for cooking, and so we've used.

A lot of red reddish woods and warm colors. Reflecting traditional practices, TRTL shares the history and identity of those who live here. The home was validated through ceremony and given the Blackfoot name Spopi, meaning turtle'. The house becomes a home with these processes and through the family's possessions and designs. The influence of tradition on modern ways of living supports identity, ownership and responsibility. For decades, culture has been notably absent in Native housing design. In collaboration with the native peoples of Treaty 7, Canada's Team has explored the.

President Park meets APEC business leaders APEC

Ahead of todays APEC summit in the Philippines President Park Geunhye had the opportunity to meet with business leaders from 21 participating nations at the annual APEC Business Advisory Council dialogue. Our Hwang Sunghee. who is traveling with the president. files this report from Manila. President Park met with the APEC Business Advisory Council the private sectors voice in APEC. The ABAC is made up of two or three business leaders from each APEC economy and the meeting has been held every year since 1996 on the sidelines of the annual summit. The council presents their policy recommendations.

To the leaders ahead of the APEC summit. At Wednesdays talks President Park said fostering the service industry is key to the growth of the AsiaPacific region. President Park stressed the importance of the fostering of the service industry for the growth of the AsiaPacific region and the creation of jobs for youth and women. and proposed regulatory reform as a key agenda for the improvement of the service industry. She said that since the service industry accounts for twothirds of the regions GDP it is an effective way to create more jobs. President Park shared Koreas drive for.

Regulatory reform in promising service sectors like tourism and education. On the topic of sustainable development President Park said Korea takes tackling climate change as an opportunity for creating future growth engines. She referred to South Koreas selfsufficient island project in Peru. that aims to provide electricity to fruit processing plants with solar power generators and energy storage systems. All this comes just a day before Thursdays APEC summit. This year 21 world leaders will put their heads together for ways to build inclusive economies. and will release a joint declaration following the summit.

myNCstory Niagara College Renewable Energies Powering up students for indemand careers

Bryan Well, the program is designed to give the students a comprehensive, working knowledge of the various technologies in the renewable energies field, so wind systems, solar system, geothermal. computerized voice Chris For me it's very simple. The fact of the matter is that fossil fuels will run out one day, whether it's our generation, two generations, three generations down the road. Eventually we do need to have a solution to this problem. Bryan Well, as we know, the world is changing quickly. We need there's a need for students to be informed.

And able to work with renewable energies technologies. The field is really calling for students who have the ability to really have a handson working knowledge of the various technologies in the field. soft guitar music Chris Sort of the stuff that we're doing right now, the lab work and actually getting to use the equipment. Josh But now we are testing voltage levels on a generator. This would be for a wind turbine, and it's adjusting to see if there's any faults. And in the real world, if there were faults,.

We would be troubleshooting it to fix the problem. Chris If there was a real fault, the wind turbine, itself, would shut down and then there'd be a team going in to up the tower wherever they have to go to fix the problem. Josh Being able to do all these tests and work with the equipment before you go out there gives you a lot more confidence when you're actually in the field, as to being able to measure something instead of being up there and being confused and being scared.

How The Stock Exchange Works For Dummies

What is the Stock Exchange and how does it work The Stock Exchange is nothing more than a giant globally network tend to organize the market place where every day huge sums of money are moved back and forth. In total over sixty trillion 60,000,000,000,000 Euros a year are traded. More than the value of all goods and services of the entire world economy. However it's not apples or second hand toothbrushes that are traded on this marketplace. But predominantly securities. Securities are rights to assets , mostly in the form of shares.

A share stands for a share in a company. But why are shares traded at all Well, first and foremost the value of a share relates to the company behind it. If you think the value of a company in terms of a pizza. The bigger the overal size of the pizza, the bigger every piece is. If for example Facebook is able to greatly increase its profits with a new buisness model. The size of the companies pizza will also increase, and as a result so will the value of its shares.

This is of course great for the share holders. A share which perhaps used to be 38 euros could now be worth a whole 50 euros. When it's sold this represents a profit of twelve euro per share! But what does Facebook gain from this The company can raise funds by selling the shares and invest or expand it's buisness. Facebook for example has earned sixteen billion dollars from it's listing on the Stock Exchange. The trading of shares though, is frequently a game of chance. No one can say which company will preform well and which will not.

If a company has a good reputation, investors will back it. A company with a poor reputation or poor performance will have difficulty selling its shares. Unlike a normal market in which goods can be touched and taken home on the Stock Exchange only virtual goods are available. They apear in the form of shareprices and tables on monitors. Such shareprices can rise or fall within seconds. Shareholders therefore have to act quickly in order not to miss an opportunity. Even a simple rumor can result in the demand for a share falling fast regardless of the real value of the company.

Of course the opposite is also possible. If a particularly large amount of people buy weak shares. Becouse if they see for example great potential behind an idea. Their value will rise as a result. In particular young companies can benefit from this. Even though their sales might be falling, they can generate cash by placing their shares. In the best case scenario this will result in their idea being turned into reality. In the worst case scenario. this will result in a speculative bubble with nothing more than hot air.

Sunny Shores Green Energy Solar Park

Michael J Savel Director, Energy Generation, Oakville Enterprises Corp. Speaks Sunny Shores is a 10 megawatt solar project. There's actually 47,000 solar panels. Each panel is about 300 Watts. We conservatively estimate that it'll be 16,800 kilowatt hours per year and that will vary from year to year depending on the amount of sun that we actually have but that's a fairly conservative estimate. That displaces about 1,600 homes worth of power consumption in Ontario. Infrastructure Ontario brought to the project both construction financing and project financing. The term's quite long upwards of twenty years. Some of the ongoing annual fees.

Canadian Solar Modules

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Canadian Solar Panels Intro KingSolarman

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