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Solar Energy Breakthrough

VISIONS CTRLP Australias Largest Solar Cells

Melbourne researchers have successfully created Australia's largest and most flexible solar cells, with the aid of a new printer located at CSIRO. The scientists are part of a collaboration between research and industry partners called the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium VICOSC. This was achieved through the collaboration between The University of Melbourne and the Bio21 Institute, CSIRO, Monash University and industry partners including Bluescope Steel and security printing firm Innovia Security. In just three years the consortium has gone from making cells the size of a fingernail, to cells 10 centimetres square.

They are now able to print organic photovoltaic cells the size of an A3 sheet of paper. The consortium is now leading the world in the ability to print solar cells and using different printing technologies, but this is the beginning of the story. We're still developing the technologies, still developing the materials to enable us to print in a number of different ways for different applications. The new printer can roll out 10 metres of solar cells per minute, which is equivalent to producing one cell every two seconds. Using semiconducting inks, the researchers print the cells.

Straight onto paperthin flexible plastic or steel. So what we're looking at is, how can we use this technology in the short term, how can we print solar cells to enable advertising, can we put solar cells on to advertising material in shopping centres to drive an active display. So if somebody wants to advertise something with nice flashing lights then at the moment they drive that with batteries. In the longer term we see these materials being able to be coated on to buildings, into windows and on roofs to provide.

Power in a wide variety of locations and circumstances. As part of the consortium, graduate students working alongside scientists are involved in training and development programs to improve the technology in the long term. We're now right up there with the rest of the people in the world but we've also got a facility which is different. We now have a process through our collaboration where we take things from the very very beginning, from designing materials, from making devices in the lab scale right through the large scale printing, which is very very unusual in the world context.

Breakthrough Technology and Clean Energy for Australia Energy Future

Breakthrough technology has always been absolutely fundamental in the energy sector The energy choices that we make today will have huge impacts on the future The transformation of the energy sector is one of the toughest challenges of this century The evergrowing necessity to power our lives means we're using more energy than ever Fast forward to 2050 the world's population will soar from 7bn to 9bn Energy consumption will double and the need for clean energy to power the planet will be key Will breakthrough technology help us solve one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

Energy experts in Australia believe so With an abundance of resources, Australia is the world's 9th largest energy producer Research and development is absolutely key for the future of our energy sector because it's new technologies, new innovations that will help us unlock our clean energy resources Making the breakthroughs on technologies, reducing the cost of solar that's going to effectively determine where we go and it's going to be about innovation We can create a lowemissions energy sector through a whole range of different technologies So that can be wind, solar, carboncapture and storage technologies.

With coal or with gas and a whole raft of other technologies An example of breakthroughs that we've already seen that we should be utilising more effectively are things like concentrated solar thermal, which can provide base, low power Things like wave energy, which is proven here in Perth to work CETO wave technology takes the consistent energy that's present in the ocean's waves and turns it into clean electricity and also fresh water Technology is an essential element to transforming our energy infrastructure globally We need new ideas and we need them to be developed rapidly and tested rapidly.

Secretive fusion energy company makes steadystate breakthrough

Tri Alpha Energy, a company in California has made a big advance in fusion energy. Tri Alpha's machine is as long as two buses. It creates smoke rings of gas and then slamms them together at nearly a million kmh. This creates a hollow blob of gas at around 10 million degrees Celsius. In early experiments the gas fell apart after just a couple of thousands of a second. But firing beams of high energy particles helps keep it together. This week the company announced that using more powerful angled beams.

Worlds first floating solar power plant in operation in Korea

Speaking of energy,. the worlds first solar plant constructed over water has started operations here in Korea. The local developers say. similar plants like this one. could one day make waves in the global energy market. Our Sohn Jungin takes us to the plant. This is the worlds first rotating, solar power plant on water. Unlike other conventional solar facilities that are fixed on land, this module is designed to move along with the movement of the sun during the day, which increases energyefficiency by 22 percent. The floating plant in Anseong, Gyeonggido Province consists of 16hundred panels that.

Can produce 2thousand kilowatts of energy per day,. which is enough to supply about 200 households. The concept of movable solar panels is not new, but other versions consume a great amount of energy to rotate. This one does not. Using water buoyancy, two motor engines are enough to operate an 8thousand square meter generator that follows the suns movement to maximize efficiency. The installation can withstand winds of 50 meters per second and can adjust its level depending on water level changes. Water fountains around the module are designed to lower the temperature of the water to prevent.

Michele Bachmann Said God Would do WHAT!

Michele bachmann says that if we're lucky god will answered our prayers and repeal obon the care a miracle this is in an interview she did with james dobson why an elected official is being interviewed by james dobson again it's it's part of the religious religious political complex that exists let's listen to a michelle bachman had to say i believe ur about to listen to it we're going to listen to a very very firmly believe nicholas technical difficult having quite internet problem in the building today i would.

We've had some uh. we've had some issues mr armey had occurred in al michelle dot where you're welcome and again i think that's why we've got the house of representatives parents my builtup bull repeal of obama care last week and that's why i have a renewed confidence that we can see this pill pamplona chronic and i think the president will all tamale be forced to repudiate his own signature people of legislation because the american people booked at bandit and i think before his second term is over we're going to be america before our eyes i haven't got it going.

To answer our prayers there will be freely from they kill of obama care i believe it's going to happen teachings believe this this is an elected official who number one continues to waste taxpayer time it has taxpayer money by wasting time on a key and trying to repeal obama care michelle it's gone all the way up to the supreme court it's the law of the land it's been upheld but then saying at this point maybe what she means is at this point the only way to repeal obama care.

Because of all of the checks and balances that it's that its past is going to be if god exists and specifically intervenes to repeal it because i don't think there's anything left she also said that the american people are going to demand it actually i believe the majority or for obama care yeah and saw the and and you know it's fascinating to me because not only is got involved in the politics of individual countries but of specific allies in individual countries on individual planets any each solar system impeached galaxy in the universe thank god told her to run.

Stanford Start.Home Solar Panels

We decided to go with thin film. We liked that it was a pretty new technology that's actually getting better and better. There's a lot of great things about it. First, it's a lot cheaper than monocrystalline and it's also uses a lot less material. It's just a thin sheet of glass then, then the semiconductor layer. And so we really like that about these panels. And with a onthegrid system, like our house, you're actually selling electricity back to the grid. And then the great thing about it is that you produce the.

Most PV energy, photovoltaic energy during the day, when the sun's out. And that's actually when you would pay the most for it from the electric company. And so you're selling it back at those critical peak demand times, reducing the overall load on the system. We're using a standing steamed sheet metal roof, and it has these ridges in it so that you can actually use these clip products and just attach the, the PV panels to the roof. So that really reduces the amount of time it takes to install these PVs.

Uganda Solar Energy Project

Gtgt Background Music This school called Toggo International Children's Center started off with about 60 kids they're mostly orphans in the village and they started to educated them. And through sponsorships and things like that, the school has grown to over 800 kids at this particular campus. gtgt One of their issues is clean water. Right now they have a well that digs down 200 feet. If they're out of energy or they don't have the diesel fuel, they cannot pump this well it's too deep to do it by hand.

So they end up going to the marsh and drink that water. That's highly unhealthy. gtgt What we have designed and developed here is a DC Microgrid based on renewable energy, so you see the solar panel here and battery energy storage. And so what this does is this is a complete power system designed that's particularly for them. So what it does is it actually tracks all of the power that's flowing through our system we have different voltage levels, different things like that. gtgt And we decided that bringing electricity to our school.

Of children would allow them to get computers, to get access to the Internet, to get access to education by gaining electricity. So our goal is to get the funding and then deploy the system, go there, and install it. gtgt This is a 100 watt monocrystalline solar panel. It's rated at 100 watts. The maximum power point voltage for this particular panel is 18 and 12 volts. gtgt This is a Raspberry Pie which is basically just a minicomputer. It costs about 35 dollars. gtgt The best case scenario is we go there.

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