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Solar Energy Benefits Essay

Turning Salt water into Drinking water using Solar power

According to the Securing Water for Food agency, between 2000 and 2050 water demand is expected to increase 55 percent globally, meaning the number of people affected by water scarcity will continue to grow. By 2025, twothirds of the world's population could be living in severe water stress conditions. Around the world, there is more salty groundwater than fresh, drinkable groundwater. For example, 60 percent of India is underlain by salty water and much of that area is not served by an electric grid that could run conventional reverseosmosis desalination plants.

To find solution for this drinking water issue in developing countries, USAID the U.S. Agency for International Development had run a global competion for Desal prize. The idea for the competition was to create a system that could remove salt from water and meet three criteria it had to be costeffective, environmentally sustainable, and energy efficient. The winners of the $140,000 first prize were a group from MIT and Jain Irrigation Systems. The group came up with a method that uses solar panels to charge a bank of batteries. The batteries then power a system that removes salt from the water through electrodialysis,.

That means that dissolved salt particles, which have a slight electric charge, are drawn out of the water when a small electrical current is applied. Using the sun instead of fossil fuels to power a desalination plant isn't a totally new idea. Larger solar desalination plants are being seriously investigated in areas where water is becoming a scarce resource, including Chile and California.But the current technology is expensive. The MIT team's this new desalination technology electrodialysis is comparatively less expensive. Both electrodialysis and reverse osmosis require the use of membranes, but the membranes in.

SOLAR IN THE TAR SANDS Indigenous community launches solar powered health centre

The Lubicon Cree have been here since time immemorial. Indigenous people have a very intimate connection with our homelands here, in northern Alberta. And what we've seen instead is Industry coming in and taking over our lands and really exploiting them. It's had a detrimental impact. We see companies digging down into the earth, trying to extract the very last drops of oil. But instead, we can start looking up. We're bathing in sunlight all around us and we're not utilizing that energy. And so that's why our community has decided to install solar.

We've got a state of the art system going in here. I think it's really important that we take this project next level. Essentially 20.8 kilowatt capacity is what this will end up becoming. Which will connect in through the health center but which will feed the whole community in terms of energy. That's 80 panels, are going to go on top of these polls. We're very deliberate about this because we want it to be something that's still very much a central site in this community, that people will see.

It will welcome visitors and people will be reminded of it every day. We wanted to retain the land use potential. It's something that's going to be in the community, behind us, for at least 50 years. It's pretty amazing to see this project go up. A lot of the community members, the young people are working and getting hands on training right now. It's really amazing to see how, proud people are of it, and how it's a community project because all of this has been through the blood sweat and tears of the community.

This project matters to us because it represents who we are and where we are going in the future. When you see the work I can say that I did that, I took part and I did it right. So there will be a lot of people seeing it every day, and I can tell people I worked on this. Heh. I know that in a lot of the ceremonies and the songs, the sun is praised. Even the project name, Pitapan, means the coming of the dawn , and it's the coming of a new era.


Well you can make a generator from a old toy motor. for this you require some wood, two old CDs, a toy motor, an LED and lots of other odds and bits. first make a wooden stand with an arm. drill a hole and fix a screw over there. then take 2 CDs and sandwich some foam rubber to make a large pulley. also attach a handle to this pulley. now take a sewing machine bobbin and place it in the screw like a fat washer and then place the large pulley.

And lock it with a small nut. rotate the pulley to ensure that it rotates smoothly. then take a 9V toy motor or a tape recorder motor with a small pulley on the axle and attach it to the base of the stand with two screws. you can see the white pulley on the toy motor. finally take a rubber band and place it between the large and the small pulley. on rotating the large pulley, small pulley will rotate much faster. now attach the two terminals of the motor to an LED. once you rotate the large pulley, the LED will light up, because.

LHN UT Austin Public Interest Design

M000002 gtgt July 6, Austin, Texas, another day of unforgiving Texas heat. But for a group UT students, a welcome opportunity to help rebuild a neighborhood. They are part of a program called Public Interest Design which is comprised of students from a variety of backgrounds. All with a common goal, create diverse landscapes both practical and sustainable. Today, their mission is to beautify a forgotten piece of East Austin. gtgt We're working with neighborhood leaders and civic leaders right now, to kind of re imagine the alleyways in East Austin. To see how they could become safer, greener and also.

Just become places for art and places for community pride. gtgt I think the alleyways are great example of spaces in the city that no one really thinks about, they are the forgotten spaces. It's a perfect opportunity to turn something that may be is negative or isn't thought about into a really positive asset. gtgt One of the things that Public Interest Design group has done is gotten the community to come together with a common interest and that common interest in this case was working in an alleyway. This is a project and this is a concept that has been worked on in other.

Areas of the country but not here in Austin. So, its really interesting to the city that we now have a group of people that have seen what the possibilities are and we look forward to hearing from them in future on those possibilities. Ultimately, that is a very good thing for our city to have new and innovative solutions. M000133 Music M000137 gtgt And now after five weeks of labor and planning, a celebration for a new look neighborhood and the 29 students who gave their time and creative energy to benefit this East Austin.

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Turning Salt Water Into Drinking Water Using Solar Power.According to the Securing Water for Food agency, between 2000 and 2050 water demand is expected to increase 55 percent globally, meaning the number of..

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