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Small Solar Panels With Batteries

How to Size Your Solar System

i’m going to talk about how to trulyproperly size your solar system how much power batteries can reallystore and the way of solar system really works because it’s pretty amazing howmany people that have solar systems don’t truly understand how much powerthey have and it’s important to know because ifyou end up with a situation where your modules break your solar panels aren’t functioning for a period of time or you have a series of cloudy days it’s good to understand exactly how manykilowatt hours you can actually pull out

your battery safely so how many days and how you can ration your power and also that really helps you sighs your system properly without withwhat appliances you’re using so I’m going to start by explaining how thebatteries are set up that first one to say the caps are off the batteries rightnow because I’m equalizing explain that in another tutorial but hydrogen gas isescaping right now and you don’t want these caps on while that’s happening

so right here I have eight Deka LT16 batteries now these are 350 amp hours batteries i’m going to explain as part of what Ican explain today what that means but before I do that these are set up in two strings paralleltogether so we have four batteries a group of four batteries that are inseries which means that they’re wired from the positive to the negativepositive to the negative positive to the negative and then positive to thepositive and negative to the negative

over to the next string when you wirefor batteries in series every time you do that the amperagestays the same but the volts double so each of these batteries is 6 volts sowhen I put 4 in series i end up with essentially one bigger 24 volt batterythe amps are still the same though so what i have here are two 24 voltbatteries and then they’re parallel together negative 2 negative and positive topositive and when you parallel two batteries together you double theamprage so I have sized my battery system to make this 24volts with double the amperage

of a single battery so each of thesebatteries is 350 amp hours ok so first i want to clarify that whenyour solar panels on the roof the electricity that they generate you’re notusing that electricity directly you’re never using that electricitydirectly any time you pull power from solar system you’re always pulling fromthe batteries the solar panels send electricity to thecharge controller and the charge controller reads what the voltage of thebattery system is and maybe even

a couple other metrics and it determineshow it should charge these batteries so if you’re using power during the day the pleading power from these batteries when the sun’s out that electricity from thepanels is actually directed into the batteries to charge them but it’s notactually but the the power that you’re using your pulling power from thebatteries and the solar modules through the charge controller arecharging the batteries back up that’s the best way to look at this sothat being said you only have as much power to use as what’s stored in thebatteries

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