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Prius Solar Panel Roof Reviews

Research Minute Solar Powered Car

This modified Hybrid car at the University of Louisville provides UofL engineering students with unique research opportunities. We've used it for two different Capstone projects within the Electrical and Computer engineering program. One of those projects was with the solar power charging station that we see behind the car and in that case the project, the car, was used as a load for charging for that solar powered charger. Another group of students developed a battery management system for the battery bank that we added to the plug in Hybrids, and in that, we were trying to determine state of charge of the battery,.

A fuel gage, a fuel gage of sorts. I've also used the car for independent study projects with a couple different students and then my master's student is using it as an application area for his master's thesis. Students are interested in renewable energy but they're also interested in electric vehicles. This allows, the students to, first of all, understand what is involved in the generation of solar energy and then with regard to the electric vehicles, I personally believe that within ten years you'll see a lot more vehicles that are electric or hybrid electric.

citEcar Electric Vehicles Enclosed 15p Electric Shuttle with Air Conditioning and Solar

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar Electric Vehicles here. Today I just wanted to give you a brief overview on one of our enclosed 15 passenger shuttles. This shuttle here was customized with roof top air conditioning, solar panels, and the enclosed cab. I am going to give you a brief overview on all the features that this vehicle has and if you have any questions feel free to give us a call. So as I mentioned this is our enclosed 15 passenger. When we sell these we always recommend to our customers to get the air conditioning.

Because this is a rather warm vehicle especially in the summertime. On this vehicle we have an interior air conditioning and front and rear fans to help cool the entire cab. It actually stays pretty quiet and it really helps to cool the entire vehicle down. For the winter we also have a heater installed which will help warm the customers and have a nice pleasant ride. So I turned the air conditioning on high just so you can hear how quiet it is even at the highest setting. The great thing about this system is that.

Because the vehicle is actually relatively small, and the system is very powerful, once the vehicle gets cooled down pretty quick you can actually lower the setting to low or even just keep the fan on. This will help to increase your range and keep the energy use down. Here you can see how the AC system looks on the inside of the vehicle. You have two dials, one for the temperature setting and the other for the speed. You can use high and low both on the fan and on the AC system.

So here I have all of the passenger doors open so you can see all the access points into the vehicle. All of our shuttles come standard with CD players, PA system, on board chargers that are made in the US, Curtis controllers made in the US, and Trojan batteries made in the US. All of our vehicles have their assembly done in our Gainesville, Florida facility. Additionally on the roof you can see that we installed a solar panel. The solar panel will help increase the range of the vehicle per charge and also increase the battery.

Longevity throughout the use of the vehicle. On most of our shuttles you can actually fit up to two solar panels, but because we put the AC on this vehicle in particular only one solar panel was able to fit. Even if it is a cloudy day the solar panel will give some charge back to the batteries helping your overall charge and longevity. Thanks for taking the time to watch this tutorial. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at the contact information located on the screen. We would love to help you with.

2015 Toyota Prius at Eau Claire Toyota Dealership

Hi I'm Jay Bouley, Product Specialist here at Markquart Toyota You know this is a Prius. It's an icon around the world. In fact, over five million Prius sold in the last 14 years, oneandahalf million in just the United States, and hundreds here at Markquart Toyota since 2001. And a very reliable car this Prius is with over 95 percent of those sold in the last decade still on the road. let's find out why. So why this shape for a car Well it was designed in a wind tunnel with a.25 coefficient of drag.

To be the most aerodynamic car on the road leading to fuel efficiency and a quiet smooth ride, but also functionality with the hatchback for cargo capacity in the rear. One of the many reasons for the Prius's popularity over the years is its highly functional hatchback design, which can accommodate a lot of cargo below the floor and enough room actually for a couple of bicycles up on top. It's amazing how much room you'll find in the Prius. Underneath this lightweight aluminum hood is where all the magic happens on.

The Toyota Prius. this is the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which combines an electric motor and a gas engine in series or parallel to provide the best fuel economy possible. At city speeds mostly electric at highway speeds mostly that frugal gas engine. Combining those two results in an average of 50 miles to the gallon. You know that Prius is one of the least expensive vehicles to own and operate has been for years. Part of that is due to Toyota Care Free regularly scheduled maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles.

There's not a single belt under the hood, but we will handle things like oil changes and tire rotations for you and it also includes nationwide roadside assistance. People are always amazed how much room there is inside a Prius. Plenty of room for five, lots of technology too including seven airbags even a nice comfort feature like this solar panel moon roof that has the capability of actually cooling the vehicle while you're outside during the summer. The technology extends to the middle of the dash, too, with a nice big.

Jon thanks his Sister for purchasing the 2010 Prius Three

Hey sister Jackie, it's your brother Jon down here at Handy Toyota. I just wanted to thank you for your purchase on the 2010 Prius 3. I just wanted to give you a quick walk around of it here of the exterior and then we'll get inside and I'll show you some of the interior features. Alright Jackie now we are in the interior of your 2010 Prius 3 as you see you have the push start button here so you are just going to put your foot on the brake,.

It the button and the car is on. This is a tilt telescopic steering wheel you'll be able to set it however you'd like as we move over to the display you see you have the full color navigation system and it's a JBL sound system. You have AM FM and satellite radio as well as a CD player. You also have some other cool features here with the vehicle as well. As soon as we pair your phone up you'll have the capability for Bluetooth. Alright sister, this is the 2010 Prius 3 and it does have some pretty cool features. It has the remote.

Air conditioning package it has the solar panel package which is right here and of course you have your fully powered moon roof. Alright Jackie this is your 2010 Toyota Prius 3 I hope this tutorial was informative for you and answered any questions. Obviously you can ask me anytime if you have any questions. Right now I am trying to convince dad to make a trip down with me to North Carolina so we can deliver it to you don't worry the car is in good hands. If you have any other questions, comments or concerns, email me at jhandyhandycars.

Solar Panel On Car Roof

Solar Panel On Car Roof,Car mounted solar make sense. Mit technology review Worth the cost the solar roof glued to this prius combines four inch square crystalline silicon cells..

Solar Panel For Car Roof.Car mounted solar make sense. Mit technology review. ,.... Worth the cost the solar roof glued to this prius combines four inch square crystalline silicon..

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2010 Prius 4 Solar Roof Premium Interior Systems Demo Blog

2010 Prius 4 Solar Roof Premium Interior Systems Demo Blog,2010 Prius 4 Solar Roof Premium Interior Systems Demo Blog..

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