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Portable Solar Panels 2015

Portable Charger for iPhone Power Bank The WakaWaka Power

NEW Solar Powered Portable Charger for iPhone The WakaWaka Power Female Hi, how are you. Welcome to WakaWaka. I am having so much fun here. I can't even tell you how much. Did we tell you what WakaWaka means WakaWaka in Swahili means shine bright, so that's what we're doing we're lighting up the world aren't we Male We are. Female Yes, we are. Tech expert.marketing expert. Anyway, so come and step up, take a look at our great charger here. It's the greatest charger on the market. You're going to love this. So this.

Is our solar panel right here. So put this in the sun, 6 hours to charge, once it's fully charged, you have your USB port over here, so anything that you need to charge, here's your USB port, your iPhone, your Samsung, your GPS device if you're a camper and a hiker, you just plug right in here. It will take your iPhone 112 times on the charge, on a full one of these. Takes 6 hours in sunlight. Now if you're like me and you're like oh, I want to go camping tomorrow, but it's 1000 tonight,.

And I haven't charged my device, what do I do. Well, we have a solution for that because you just plug it in and use AC. So you can plug into the wall and charge this as well. So no excuse not to go camping. Now once this is fully charged, you're walking around, and you're camping, it's dark. Turn on the light. I'm not going to shine this in your eyes, I promise. It's very bright, and I'm not even close to your eyes. It's very bright. First responders love this because they're actually able to hang this from the ceiling and take care.

Of their patients. Isn't this a wonderful idea Now, you don't need this to walk around in the woods, do you You can turn it down just a little bit to help find your keys in the dark. It's great if the power goes out at your house, and you're scrambling around trying to find your candles. Don't light the candles just use this. This will last up to 150 hours on low. Now if you're lost out in the woods, and you need help, it has an SOS beacon as well. These.

How a Portable Solar Lighting System Works

As we know we get a lot of free things in the world, one of which is solar energy and we should use it to its fullest. SuKam has come up with a new product Solar DC Home Lighting System which is a very unique and easy to carry product. We can charge this product from solar energy. Like you can see, we have a 40 Watt solar panel. All you need to do is connect this with the system and it will be charged. When solar energy is not.

Available, we have an adapter which we can easily use to connect to main to charge. There are two LED bulbs provided with the product. We can easily connect these two bulbs with the system and see. These LED bulbs are of 3 Watt and if we connect one LED to the system, it will give us almost 23 hours of battery backup. You can also connect lot more appliances to the system like DC TV. You can connect a 25 Watt DC TV with this small system and this DC TV will start working. Like you can see the DC TV is switched on. You can also.

Connect a 10 Watt DC fan to this system. There is a symbol of fan on this system. So, we can connect the fan here and start the fan. You can also charge your phone with this.There is a USB port provided here in front of it. So, you can connect it here and charge your phone. Here is also a FM port provided. So, you can connect it to FM and listen to it. As you can see my phone is charging here and you can use this product not only in villages.

Poweradd Apollo Solar Panel Portable Charger Best Solar Panel Portable Charger Power Bank

Best Solar Panel Portable Charger Power Bank Poweradd Apollo Solar Panel Portable Charger Plus Power Bank Looking for best solar panel portable charger plus power bank for your Smartphones, Tablets and Laptop Notebooks If you are worried about your device's battery drain during enjoying hiking, camping or some other outdoor activities The best Solar Panel Portable Charger Poweradd Apollo is the perfect solution for these problems. Poweradd Apollo is 1 Solar Panel Portable Charger with USB output and it can be used to charge almost all Smartphones, Tablets Notebooks, Laptops or any other USB charged devices available on the market.

Poweradd Apollo solar panel portable charger family consists different models with different features and power supply capabilities. They can also able to store charge for future use, has LED light indicators to tell how much source you've got. You'll get very fast charging with these Poweradd Apollo charger and able to charge more than one devices at a same time, wheather it will be two smartphones or smartphone and notebook. Poweradd Apollo Portable Charger Power Bank family Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh Poweradd Apollo 2 10000mAh Poweradd Apollo 3 8000mAh Poweradd Apollo Pro 23000mAh Portable Charger.

SunJack 14W Portable Solar Charger Review

We're reviewing the SunJack 14 Watt Solar Charger. The SunJack charger works in direct sunlight to charge your USB device. It's great for reducing electricity consumption or for charging your devices outdoors when you don't have access to an outlet. The device has four foldable solar panels that are tough and weather resistant. It's rugged and designed for durability so it's great for hiking, camping, sports, or any outdoor activity. The panels are sewn into polyester canvas for weather resistant design. When folded, the device is very flat and fairly compact. There are also small straps on the.

Sides which can be used to attach to a backpack. The back has a zipper mesh bag to store cables or your phone. Your USB cable plugs into the port in here and you can charge a mobile device simultaneously as it absorbs sunlight. SunJack also includes an 8000mah power bank so you can charge the power bank through solar energy and save the charge for future use. As you can see, the power bank is charging my Galaxy S5 with no problems. Placing the charger in direct sunlight near my apartment window, I'm still receiving a.

Steady charge straight from the sun. For those who need to keep their devices charged while they are outdoors or for people who just want to keep their home green, the SunJack solar charger is an excellent choice for charging. Its also great for an emergency blackout where you might not have power. I consider a solar charger to be an essential tool and this one should last for a long time. Features 14 Watt Solar Charging 8000mah Battery Included Foldable Design Lightweight, Weather Resistant Hanging Straps Mesh back for storage.

SunZilla A DIY SolarPowered Generator To Go

SunZilla is a portable solar generator designed to replace conventional diesel generators in remote areas or outdoor events it travels in a box and the solar panels just unfold like a flower but it's even more it's an open source framework which allows you to develop your own modules We put all the different functions like inverting from DC to AC, for example we put them in standardized boxes which can be just plugandplayed to each other All the plans are open and you know exactly what you have to do.

To make a module which fits to our system and you can even adapt the code to make it perfect to your needs It's tackling 2 problems The social problem is that there's lots of people in the world that don't have access to energy you don't have to bring a whole grid to them but you can just bring SunZilla Of course, the environmental impact is there's less use of fossil fuel the diesel generator emits noise and air pollution and SunZilla does not in the bigger picture it's about making people independent again.

From big power suppliers we want to create grids from the bottom and not from the top of course, I could go to a big company as an engineer, I would earn a lot of money but this is not what I want I want to leave my footprint a positive footprint in the world and use the time I have in my life to do something great and make the world a bit more sustainable I was always looking for a project or something where I can put my energy in.

Which will provide a benefit to the environment or to people, in general, in the world for me, it feels very selffulfilling to know that we work as a group and we are deciding on what we do and why we do it You feel connected to a bigger community of people who try really hard to work on this issue it feels like, okay, we are going in this direction and maybe we'll arrive there and could contribute something to it, too life is about learning and with such a project.

Top 5 Power Banks of 2015!

Hey guys AppsOnFire here and today I'm gonna be counting down the best power banks that I have seen this past year. This is the top 5 power banks of 2015. So first on our list is the ravpower 3200mah power bank with UV flashlight. This is pretty much your average mini power bank except for the fact that instead of the usual flashlight it comes with a built in UV light which is useful for a lot of different things. It is really good at catching stains that you wouldn't see with the regular eye. I found this fun to play around with at times.

But haven't used the UV light much. But still this power bank from ravpower has a solid design with the matte black finish and a special shaped ergonomic design that is different from most power banks. You get one smart charging port and you get some LED indicators to tell you how much power is left. Moving on to the second power bank on our list I have one with probably the best build quality out of all of them. The jackery giant plus has just an awesome build and a lot of power. It is packing a 12000mah battery and has two fast charging.

USB ports. The battery pack itself is not the thinnest but still remains light and compact. With an aluminum build and this much power, it is one of my favorite power banks. It also comes with three LED indicators as well as a flashlight. So this is one of the more traditional lipstick power banks. This design is probably the most popular design because it is very compact and you can fit it almost anywhere. If you search for portable chargers chances are that it is going to look like this one right here. Small chargers like this usually.

Come with 1 to 2 charges for your phone. This one comes with 3200mah. Anker is probably the leading company in portable chargers and that's because they are just very good at what they do and you know that with every product you get from them, you can expect quality. So this is actually one of the biggest power banks out there coming from a company called Avantech. This may not have the best build quality but it is packing a huge amount of power. You can probably charge two devices at least 5 or 6 times without even recharging.

The power bank and that is amazing. It is a bit bulky and heavy but it is definitely worth it if you are looking for the power. Again you get some LED indicators and you get a plastic design with a matte finish. Now finally we have my favorite power bank out of all of these and that is the elivebuy 10,000mah portable charger. It is my favorite because of its really cool two tone color and that it is packing a huge amount of power into a very thin package. I mean this is just a little bit bigger than my phone. It also.

PaintBased Solar Cells Capture Sustainable Electricity Interview with Prof. Ted Sargent

The sun is this incredible vast resource. We get more sun reaching the Earth's surface every day than we need to power the entire world's energy needs. In fact, in an hour, we get enough to meet our energy needs for a year it's that abundant. But if you look out there and think how we actually today meet our energy needs, it's not using the sun by a large margin at all we use fossil fuels. And so my group is committed to trying to solve the technological problem that underlies that. The technological problem is not that.

We can't make efficient solar cells, it's that we can't make solar cells at the moment that are sufficiently lightweight, convenient, low in cost, and efficient simultaneously to make solar energy capture economically compelling. So we're going to reduce the cost of solar electricity. The economic impact will really be had when we can tell customers that they can get solar electricity for a lower cost than if they bought electricity off the grid that was produced through using, say, coal or nuclear. So our technology is based on making an ink that.

Can be synthesized in solution so it's a liquid, it's a paint and can be applied from the solution phase using rolltoroll processes just the way you print newspapers, but where that ink, now that it's absorbing light, is playing this dual role of absorbing sunlight and turning it into electricity efficiently. We picture a world in which solar cells are so convenient. They're on a carpet that you can roll out onto your roof, or they're on a decal that you can stick on the side of a streetcar, you can stick on your car, you can stick on your airplane wing. They're.

How Bicycle Powered Cell Phones Are Saving Uganda

Worldwide, there are more than one billion people living off the electricity grid and, while, we often hear glamorized stories of millionaires choosing to live without artificial light, they are in the minority. Many don't have a choice. Energy poverty is endemic with about 20 percent of the global population lacking reliable sources to power their electronics, businesses, and plain old light bulbs, which can be a huge problem, especially in our increasingly virtual world. This is why some of Africa's developing nations are looking to the future with solar energy in mind. People and organizations have come together to find solar solutions.

While traveling through subsaharan Africa, entrepreneur Mike Lin witnessed the many off grid families coping with dangerous kerosene lamps.We've been having so many accidents from using kerosene lamps. Children get burnt, said one Ugandan woman. And about 1.5 million people die from kerosene lamp related respiratory illnesses every year. Inspired to build a safe, reliable, energy source, Lin and his cofounder Brian Warshawsky started Fenix International, got people on board, and ReadySet was born a portable energy battery that can be fueled by the sun or pedaling on a stationary bicycle. Its introduction has transformed communities.

Before ReadySet, a Ugandan woman says, I had no hope of getting electricity. But now I just need the sunlight energy to charge my solar panel. It allows her and others to stay connected and has eliminated the need to travel and pay high fees to charge her phone, for example. And for children the majority of whom are unfortunately expected to work during the day light at night means they can do their homework and further their education. These extended periods of light have changed businesses as well, Now I.

Get a lot of customers because I have a bright light. I can even work for 5 hours at night says one shop owner. And hospitals and other facilities can use similar solar energy systems to improve their services. Solar technology is spreading throughout Africa. Partly because of this, Akon, the famous musician, launched a Solar Academy with aims to consolidate African expertise and teach people how to install and maintain solarpowered electricity. And, on a more global scale, the United Nations has decided to name 2015 the Year of Light.


Thank you for your interest in the Akula technology. For several months we have now published some tutorials about the new Akula technology. During his studies the Russian inventor Akula had the idea to use the Earth's magnetic field as an energy source. The inventor completed successfully a degree in radio engineering and microelectronics. When he repaired a TV for friends, he saw for the first time a useful effect. Then he developed a power electronics device based on this effecrt, where he used special ferrites. The first successful experiments were done in 2004, but the prototype did not run stable.

To develop the technology further, costly measuring devices were necessary , but because of lack of capital, he put the project aside. In 2013, the cooperation with the German partners began and the required measuring instruments were purchased in order to make the project a success. In the summer of 2014, the inventor brought three working prototypes to Germany. These were reviewed by numerous experts and companies. After the start pulse of a battery, the circuits are running stable with durable performance. The power output was depending on the prototype ranging from 0.5 watts to 1.0 Watts.

One of the prototypes was even shielded with a Faraday cage and stored overnight in an underground bunker to confirm longterm use. One of the prototypes was dismantled on camera and in the presence of some experts. This tutorial is viewable on the Internet. See here watchv2cqk7fijGG8 For the system commercially available components are predominantly used, but they are electrically connected in a special way. The main concern of further development is the composition and production of the ferrite core. This technology is stationary and portable and scalable to larger power outputs , up to 50 Watts.

Per module. See watchvsPAz8aR1Ylg This unique technology uses the earth's magnetic field like a spring , to generate an induction in the conductor from the prototype. The prototype gives off the power permanently. The advantages of this technology are the decentralized, autonomous, fuel free and environmentally friendly use. The major challenge in the development of this technology was to structure the Earth's magnetic field so that it can be converted to usable electricity. Therefore, the Earth's magnetic field is like a treasure chest that gives off energy in abundance for the human race.

The use range is from a 5 watt flashlight to a mobile 10 watt charger for mobile phone applications and versatile selfsufficient energy solutions for households, trade, commerce and industry applications. Principle of operation To start the device a battery is used , which can be disconnected after a few seconds. The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation without a battery or any power The excess power of the system allows autonomous operation without a battery or any circuit and supplies electrical energy to supply other electrical circuit for the consumer.

A Must Have For All Preppers. Small Portable Solar Panel.

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DIY Portable Solar Power

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