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Passive Solar Home Blueprints

Passive Solar Designs Energy Savings All Year

If you're planning a new home, and you're worried about energy efficiency think about the benefits of good passive solar design. Did you know that you could get up to 50 of your heating needs directly from the sun The design and orientation of the home are key. This house has a lot of southfacing windows to capture the heat from the sun during the winter, and lots of insulation and fewer windows on the north, east and west sides to keep that heat in. Proper shading, though, is important to avoid direct summer heat gains.

This house has roof overhangs, awnings and wellplaced shade trees to help with this. Speaking of windows, you want to make sure that you have highly energyefficient windows, designed to capture the sun's heat on the south side, and to keep that heat in on the other side of the house. Ceramic tiles are also a good idea because they help absorb the heat during the hot part of the day. And an open floor plan allows the air to circulate to make sure that the heat is distributed throughout the house, all day long.

Solar Movie Green Architects

In the late 1990's we made a tutorial called 'Green by Design'. It was made for the Royal Australian institute of Architects, and it won an award in 1998 from the Western Australian government. In the production and direction, my colleague Dr Bill Parker was involved and the messages in this tutorial are still very relevant for the present day. Buildings consume a large proportion for the energy used by our society. In the past very few have been energy efficient, and very few have used the benefits of the sun. We now.

Have the opportunity to create structures that use less energy, and work in harmony with our environment. Whatever the size or purpose of a building the principles of low energy design and minimal environmental impact can be applied. The leaders in this process are the energy conscious architects with the experience, the depth of knowledge and creative skills needed. Any house, any building benefits by the knowledge and the use of a low energy approach to the design process. It's an essential part of good design. You save energy, you save money. It's a very simple equation.

Solar powered air conditioning

Music playing Narrator Over 50 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions you produce in your home are generated by heating, air conditioning and hot water. In other words keeping your home warm in winter, cool in summer with nice hot water on tap is emitting 2.5 to 5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. It also contributes a hefty amount to your electricity bill, between 50 to 60 percent. CSIRO has invented a new solar air conditioning system for Australian homes. This technology solution will reduce Australia's emissions, reduce your energy.

Bills and reduce our demand for electricity and gas. If every home in Australia installed our solar cooling technology it would be the equivalent of saving 15 mega tonnes of CO2 or taking 3.5 million cars off the road. CSIRO's solar air conditioning is an innovative three in one technology that provides hot water, cooling and heating. It uses only a fraction of the electricity of current systems and halves greenhouse gas emissions. The process begins with a typical solar hot water system. Water is heated by solar panels and stored in the hot water tank.

This solar hot water can then be used throughout the home, reducing the need for gas or electricity. A portion of the hot water is diverted into CSIRO's new solar air conditioning unit, which is divided into two compartments. The hot water enters a heat exchanger in the first compartment of the unit. Similar to a car radiator the heat exchanger uses the hot water to heat outside air that has been drawn into the first compartment through the vent. At the same time outside air is also being drawn into the second compartment into a desiccant wheel.

The desiccant wheel is the most critical part of the system. It is used to dry out the air before it goes into the house. Slowly turning the desiccant material in the wheel continuously absorbs moisture in the second compartment and then the absorbent material dries out in the first compartment. The desiccant material is dried out using the hot dry air generated by the heat exchanger. This air is then exhausted outside the home. The dry air from the desiccant wheel flows through an indirect evaporative cooler which creates a stream of cool dry air.

Solar Movie Save Energy Costs With Climate Sensible Design

In the late 1990's we made a solar movie a tutorial in conjuction with Channel 9 t.v. station. It was introduced by Russell Gooderich as part of the 'Real Estate Programme'. The man who produced the segment, David Karsten, went on to make 'Climate Sensible Designs Living in a Home The Breathes' tutorial which is also available on the solare website. If you think about it, much of the cost of running your home can be directly attributed to heating in winter and cooling in summer. Today David Karsten looks at how much you.

Can save in energy costs by choosing a climate sensible design. Architect Garry Baverstock has devoted 25 years of his career to promoting the advantages of energy efficient home design and says the first step in taking the most advantage of seasonal conditions is to choose a rectangular rather than a square shaped block. In the southern hemisphere we really need to select a block that faces north to the backyard or to the side, in this case here. So that allows the winter sun to come through in the winter time at the same time have privacy from your neighbours.

Once you've established a northerly orientation it's then a case of working in the essential elements of energy efficiency into your home design elements that won't compromise the visual appeal. The basic principles are getting a roughly a two to one proportion placed on the block in order to get the northern exposure. Around about 50 of the northern face should be glass. It's good to have a deciduous pergola effect, either with a Tecto Pergola that we put in our designs or some sort of deciduous vine that shades in summer and exposes in winter.

Insulation layers at roof and ceiling level as well as in the wall cavity works together with the heavyweight mass of the brick and concrete construction to store the energy. Well it's a typical winter's day outside, a cold 13 degrees and I'll tell you what, you really do feel the dfference when you pop inside to a comfortable eighteen and a half degrees. Now, if you consider that's all achieved without the use of heaters, it just goes to show how much of a success this concept really is. Now as well as achieving a constant temperature, a solar hot water unit is another way to save.

On energy costs a subject Garry knows a lot about. I just happen to be chairman of the Solar Hot Water Manufacturers Association and just about to launch a campaign to get the consumer $750 rebate from the government for the purchase of a solar hot water system and we believe that's really important because it enhances the whole effect. The passive solar input saving you about 30 of your energy costs from solar hot water. Another energy efficient feature is the maximisation of daylight by adding a central uplift area.

Like a window or skylight in the centre of the house to get light from a northerly direction to a part of the house that's usually cold and dark. By maximising daylight you can at least halve your electricity bills on lighting. A climate sensible design can save between up to sixty and ninety percent in energy costs and the great news is some of these features can be retrofitted to your existing home. Garry does run university extension courses at UWA and workshops at Homebase in Wembley as well as an advisory line on energy efficient design.

Luxury Home Designs Luxury House Plans FREE Design from Leading Architect see how

Hello and welcome to our presentation. I am Lin Ronald Commodore of Champagne Yacht Club, representing Michael Avery of California. One of the most successful and awarded architects in our world today. You can see the depth of his work in this brief tutorial slide presentation and it is obvious that he has a love of fine luxury homes He has also developed a niche market in garage architecture for car collectors He knows this better than anyone since he has done some very famous peoples work If you are considering getting some plans done for your new home , a new office of a garage for special collectible items.contact us today.

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Modular Homes Prices FREE Idea Kit! Modular Homes Floor Plans Prices Binghamton NY

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How to Tie Dye Shirt Designs Basic Spiral Patterns for Tie Dye Shirts

Now that you have all that you need, I am going to show you a few different techniques. We'll start with the spiral. Begin by spaying water onto your shirt. Look for the middle of the shirt and use your thumb and index fingers to pinch the shirt and then slowly twist in any direction. Keep twisting until you have a bundle. You may spray some more water to help the shirt maintain its shape. Carefully wrap a rubber band around it and then two more like so. And you have a tied shirt ready to dye. Once.

You have rolled up all the shirts you plan to make and have everything handy and ready, there are two ways to dipping the spiral. Flat in like the one with the orange, or one side in like this one. After ten minutes, they are ready to be taken out. Let them cool for a while. You can then go ahead and untie them. Pull out all the rubber bands and enjoy your masterpiece. Don't forget to rinse them, hang them to dry and then iron at high temperature for longer lasting colors.

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