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Marine Solar Panels Florida

2014 Forest River XLR Hyper Lite Campers for sale at Lazydays in Tampa Florida

Hi, welcome to Lazydays, the RV Authority. Today we're going to be touring the 2014 Forest River XLR Lite. In the center of the coach, as we come through the entry door, we've got a great Ushaped wrap around booth for the whole family to gather around, AM FM CD and place for wide screen TV, we've got great raised panel cabinetry storing on all sides of the coach. 2door panelled fridge, rang cook top and microwave, as well as a great twopart sink. In the front of the coach we've got a side queen bed, excellent sleeping for.

Two adults. We've got raised panel cabinetry above head. In the center isle walk through bath, we've got a great stand up shower with skylight. As well as sink. In the garage portion of the Forest River, we've got a motorized bed that will lift up or down for additional sleeping area as needed. On the lower half of the garage we've got a great diamond kick plate for any of your function working needs and we've also got storage facilities inside for any of your storage needs. On the exterior of the coach, we've got some wonderful features,.

Magnum Energy Inverter Mini 2812 AC input

Hey, this is Josh from Wholesale Solar. I wanted to just show you real quick. I'm looking at a Magnum MS 2812. This is the AC access panel on the side of the inverter. So we can see here's where we are going to have AC in and AC out. Basically for the inverter. Now this inverter is mounted on to a minipanel. So what we can see is we can follow these AC lines down into the minibox here and they come down right through here. This is our bypass switch.

The bypass switch is going to set it up so that we can't ever have inverter power being provided to the AC output at the same time as another source like generator or grid. And so we can see attached on to here are going to be AC in and AC out both hot and neutral. And so when we go through we're looking at the bottom of this unit right here, there's a lightning arrester. We see that we're going to bring in AC in to here. Hot in and the neutral in and so that's where we're going to tie in the 120 input.

Solar Dock and Marker Light

This is the H2 Solar Dock and Marker light. Solar powered, it's wireless. Features a magnetic switch, the fixture is totally sealed, so to activate the fixture, we're going to remove the magnet from the bottom side. The fixture gets dark, photocell activates the fixtures, that's going to come on, extremely durable, you can literally walk on the fixture not having to worry about crushing or cracking the lens. Recommended spaces can be every eight to sixteen feet, depending upon the dock, shape and style. The H2 Dock and Marker light highlights and marks the outside edges of your dock. So imagine.

You're coming in your boat from afar, you can actually see your dock, and when you get so close, your H2 solar security light comes on. It features a photocell builtin motor sensor, so that when the switch is in an activated position, the lights automatically are coming on when you get within 1516 feet, and then it automatically shuts off after 60 seconds of operation. The solar panel on the top provides 100 on and off 60 second cycles for six hour charge. Mounted 810 feet in the air, the solar security.

How to Adjust Charge Rate Settings

Hi, this is Josh with Solar Tech TV from Wholesale Solar. Today we're going to look a little bit at Magnum Chargers and the different settings that we need to program in there to make sure that either the grid or the generator are doing a good job at keeping our battery bank charged up. There's a couple different settings we've got AC input amps or shore amps and we also have a charge percentage. There's a couple different remotes that Magnum makes. There's the MERC 50, which is kind of your more basic model. And the MEARC which is your advanced model.

The programming functions are pretty similar but the buttons are a little bit different. So we're going to take a look at a couple of the differences and talk about what the charging set points should be. Let's take a look. Okay, so here we are looking at a Magnum remote. This is the MERC 50, I'm going to show you how to do two things on it. We're going to look at how to adjust the overall AC Input Amperage from a charging source and then we're going to look at how much of that power is actually going into the battery bank.

So to turn the AC Input Amperage up or down on the MERC 50 remote, you tap the shore button and you see that it's defaulted to 30 amps as the AC Input and you can adjust it either up or down from here, using the rotary select knob. In order to determine how much of that power is actually making its way into your battery bank, we can adjust the charge rate by pushing the Setup button and rotating the Select knob to charge rate. Push in and you can either increase or decrease the charge rate as your system requires.

Now the settings on the MEARC remote are essentially the same but the buttons are laid out a little bit differently, so let's go take a look at the difference there. Okay, here we are looking at the MEARC remote its really similar to the MERC 50 although you can see the button layout is a little bit different here there's no shore input. It's a little more intuitive because everything we need to set up is under setup, so we tap the Setup button. We rotate over to charger set up. Push in on the knob here.

The first thing that comes up is our AC input amps. Now you can push in on the Select nob here to either increase or decrease as needed. If you keep going, rotating clockwise here on the Select knob. Two clicks over you've got your max charge rate. We've got this one set to 50 percent and you can increase or decrease as needed. Piece of cake on this unit. Hit meter button to get back to the main screen. Wow that was a lot of information to take in in one sitting.

Clean Energy Innovation Deriving Biofuel from Pine Trees Pew

DR. GARY PETER For over 400 years we've been tapping pine trees to get resin or terpenes, just like we do for maple syrup. Here at University of Florida, we're working with our public and private partners to develop pine trees that we can extract terpenes from and convert them to advanced biofuels that can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil. In wood, there really are only three cell types the water conducting tissue, the ray cells and the resin canals. And it's the resin canals that we hope to increase as our.

Keys genetic strategy to make more terpenes and store more terpene in the wood. We believe pine trees are the superstar for biofuel industry, because there's already large stands of pine trees. We're working with a Loblolly pine, and they're found all across the Southeast from East Texas all way up to Southern Maryland. In a planted pine forest, they typically lived for 20 or 30 years. And during that time we can actually recover or extract the terpene just like rubber. We are going to be able to extract biofuels during the.

Whole life cycle of the tree, and still be able to convert it at the end into traditional products pulp paper, solid wood. And the landowner can see more value, the consumer can see more value, and the environment can be better protected. We really are at an early stage. This work could not be done without funding from the government. We received a large $6.2 million grant from INAUDIBLE to conduct this work. Innovation is really our best approach to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and government investment in this.

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