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Lg Mono X Solar Panels Cost

3 Cool Things About SolarWorld Solar Panels

Here at the altE Store, we sell several quality brands of solar panels. I wanted to share with you 3 reasons that make SolarWorld brand of solar panels so darn cool. Number 1 SolarWorld has been manufacturing solar panels in the USA for 40 years. They've been making panels in the USA since 1975. Yes, making solar in the USA since 1975, the same year that BIC invented disposable razors, Sony introduced Betamax tutorialtapes, and 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' won the Oscar for Best Picture. As of now, in 2015, they employ over 1300 people in America.

That's 1300 jobs in the US clean energy market! Number 2 SolarWorld's solar panels are really strong. Their new version 4 frame provides increased load ratings, reduces the impact of scratches, and drains water faster. As a result, you can mount the solar panels in any orientation, portrait or landscape, and it can withstand a static load of up to 113lbs per square foot. SolarWorld voluntarily puts their panels through extreme tests that go far beyond what is required by international standards. They test for hail, salt spray, snow and wind load. They repeatedly drop a 99pound, leadfilled.

Sack from a height of four feet onto the middle of vertically positioned solar panels. They put their solar panels through extreme temperature fluctuations in order to emulate 25 years of weather changes. In the climate chamber, they cycle from 40 degrees to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Not just the for required 200 cycles, but 9,125 cycles. Number 3 You get more than you pay for. SolarWorld plus sorts each solar panel off the assembly line. What that means is every single panel gets tested under standard test conditions. They get sorted in 5 watt increments, always rounded down.

So if a panel measures at 264 watts, it will go into the 260 watt bin, it doesn't round up to 265 watts. If it is 269 watts, then it goes into the 265 bin. So you are guaranteed to get at least the rated wattage, not plus or minus, only plus or equal to. Their efficiency has gotten so good, that they are are currently making solar panels of up to 340 watts! SolarWorld solar panels come standard with a 25Year linear power performance guarantee. This guarantees that for 24 years, the solar panels will not lose more than 0.7 of their.

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We get asked about the battery question almost on every job, and we tell them to wait. And I tell them there's some really exciting technologies that are coming down the pipe. There's flow batteries, potentially, high energy density flow batteries. There's nanotech enhanced lithium ion that's coming. There's liquid salt batteries that are coming. There's a number potentially, ultracapacitors. Batteries have a bad reputation, but what we're working on are supercapacitors, and supercapacitors you can think of as a charge storage device like a battery, except it charges and discharges 100 to 1000 times faster.

A supercapacitor is one which combines the best attributes of both. If you think about all the electronic devices you have, right now, every time you need one, you realize, oh, I forgot to charge it up. But imagine if you could take that same device, plug in the wall for 30 seconds or a minute, and be ready to go. There's a number of really exciting battery technologies all competing to fill the super battery space, or the battery of the future the battery that can power your whole house, last for 10 to 20 years, and not cost you too much.

That battery's coming, and it's not quite here yet. Cost of lithium ion has dropped precipitously over the last several years, but it's not quite there yet. And so we tell our customers to wait. The day will come, and it's not too many years in the future when you'll be able to power your life off of solar, not just during the daytime when the sun's shining, but also at night. You'll be able to put a battery in your garage that's the size of a refrigerator that'll run your whole house for a couple days.

Solar Energy One Million Aussie Homes Use Solar Energy!

Oh... Happy Australia Day! C'mon Aussie! There's nothing more Australian on Australia Day than sunbaking under the beautiful hot sun on a sandy beach with a cool drink in your hand! But the Aussie sun is good for more than just a bad suntan! You can use it to power your appliances, to cool your food, to play your favourite tutorial game or even heat your back yard pool. I'm talking, of course, about harnessed solar energy! More than one million Aussie homes have solar. That's over 2.5 million Australians who benefit.

From solar power. That's about 11 of the population. So about 1 in 10 people that you meet are exposed to some form of solar energy! Now that's very cool... or hot Umm..... Literally millions of dollars are year are saved every year by South Australians just like you who have embraced solar energy and thumbed their nose at their electricity providers! So here's my question... Why aren't you one of them A quality solar system will save you thousands and even with the reduced tariff rates now.

Available in South Australia you can still eliminate up to 60 of your electricity bill from only $6 a day with a Bill Matching Solar Plan from Solar Coach! Plus we can give you plenty of tips to help reduce the real cost of your electricity bill by making changes in and around your home. The money you save can be used to pay your mortgage that much sooner so you can spend more time relaxing under the Aussie sun rather than working in it! To find out how you can be part of the several other million Australians that have got involved.

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