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How To Checker The Roof For Solar Panels

Repair Solarium Reposition Glass Install Copper Flashings

So I built this glass solarium type thing, and I set the, the window, the panes of tempered glass onto this glazing tape thinking that would hold it. And then I screwed on these one by threes over top, and siliconed those, figuring that would do the trick. And what happened was they all slid down the glass, the glazing tape heated up, and it let them slide down. So what I'm doing right now is I put a little fastener piece there, a piece of sheet metal, and siliconed it in,.

And folded it back on itself, so, so that holds that from sliding again. And then I'm going to put, put these straps back on, and I'm going to cover them with flashing, but I could probably just silicone them now, and they would stay. The worst part, when it slid, it didn't slide evenly, so the window, the tops would, opened up and leaked slightly, well they leaked a lot. But, so I've redone all these things. And to get stuff off the glazing tape, I was able to pull it off easily,.

Using the glazing tool, and just go in there until it loosens. And then I used, I put some little scraps, scraps of sheet metal in to hold it so it didn't slide back down right away. And I was able to slide those back up after the, after the straps were off. So I used this to hold me against the glass. It's got standoffs with this one screw in them holding a two by six, and I lifted it up so I could work on it, by just putting a little shim under it,.

So that's, that's totally clear over there. And I can work on that two by four because I've shimmed it up here. Anyway, working with glass is always a bit of a question mark for me, and probably for everybody. But this, this is going to work. I put silicone in that when I folded it up, so it doesn't get a harsh edge anywhere. Tempered glass is pretty funny if you get something sharp against it, it eventually might pop loose. So that's it. Sliding panels on a solarium, pushed them back up,.

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