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How Much To Start A Solar Panel Business

Solar Power for Businesses: An Overview Businesses don’t always think about includingsolar power systems as part of their financial strategy, but they should. It’s a greatway to reduce costs and increase profits. More often than not, electricity costs area significant operating cost for a business. They increase every year, and generally, theyare increasing at a higher rate than inflation Benefits of Solar:By installing solar power systems, companies can either significantly reduce or eliminatetheir electric bill for 25 years or more. Installing solar protects your business fromrising electricity prices and makes it possible

for you to forecast these expenses accurately.As a result, you greatly improve your ability to manage your budgets and expenses over thelong term. Solar is also a great investment. Your businesscan earn annual returns on investments that exceed 30% or more with minimal risk. In otherwords, you can recover your investment in a solar panel system in about 3 years. There are environmental benefits, too. Forevery kilowatt of solar panels you install, your business avoids about 1 ton of carbonemissions every year. That’s roughly the same as planting 20 trees every year. Additionally,your solar panels are a visible sign of your

company’s commitment to sustainability andto the community in which you operate. This visibility often translates into significantbrand and marketing advantages. Incentives to Install Solar:Over the past few years, solar panel prices have fallen dramatically. Now they are cheaperthan ever. The investment tax credits available to you can reduce your initial investment—generally by more than 50%. The federal investment tax credit covers up to 30% ofthe total installed cost of your system. Keep in mind, that this isn’t a deduction—it’sa dollar for dollar credit. Businesses also benefit from accelerated depreciation provisions.Your business can write off 85% of the system’s

cost over the first 6 years, reducing youroverall tax burden significantly. Additionally, some states offer Solar RenewableEnergy Credits or SRECS that allow your business to earn additional income for the solar powerit generates—even if you use the electricity to power your own operations. Solar is Affordable for most businesses:Today, solar is affordable for most businesses. If you want to maximize the returns solardelivers to your business, paying for your solar panels upfront (either with cash orvia a loan) is the way to go. This allows you to take advantage of generous tax creditsand other incentives that are often tied to

ownership of the system. For those that prefer NOT to invest capitalupfront or those with limited tax liability, there are several attractive leasing options.These include operating leases, capital leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs). Eachoption helps to significantly reduce your electricity costs without any upfront investment. These financing methods require little orno money down and the monthly savings on your electric bill exceeds the monthly lease orPPA payments. In other words, your investment in solar is cash flow positive from Day 1.

Whether you choose to own or lease your solarpower system, your business will still be able to hedge against electricity rate increasesand gain more control over its utility expenses. Installing solar onsite frees up significantamounts of cash — cash that can be reinvested to support future business growth. Solar willimprove your bottom line, make your business more competitive, and fuel future success. Solar power systems deliver tremendous valueto your business. Now is the time to start shopping and the EnergySage Marketplace isa great place to start.Through the EnergySage Marketplace, your business will receive multiplequotes from our network of prescreened installers.

How to get 2000F Solar Power

If a small magnifying glass will burn thingswith sunlight, how much power could you get from a lens as big as you? In this projectwe’re hacking open a rear projection TV, because that’s where you can find one of these amazingsolar scorchers, for free. To get started, the first thing I’m gonna do is log online to my local classifieds and search for a free big screen TV. TheseTV’s are way outdated and usually cost more to repair than they’re worth so loads of peopleare trying to get rid of them. I can already see one here. It’s a 50quot; Toshiba and it lookslike it’s about 13 years old. Everything works except the color and that’s ok because I don’treally intend to watch TV with it. These TV’s

are humongous and very heavy, so I’m gonna need a truck and a little help. Now heres my brother with his truck. He’s gonna helpme out today. It ‘s about lunch time, and he’s on his break. We’ve just arrived at thisladies house, and stepped inside to thank her for donating her free TV. The price wascertainly right and I’m a happy customer. Now you gotta watch out these TV’s can bea couple hundred pounds so I don’t recommend lifting them on your own. Luckily this TVhas rollers so we’ll roll it over to the truck and load it with the screen facing up. Wedon’t really care too much about the condition that this travels in, as long as the screenis protected.

Now it’s time to head back home and starthacking this TV apart. I’ll unload the TV from the back of the truck.It is VERY heavy and unfortunately my brother is back at work, so I’m unloading it by myself.But it’s down now, there’s some success. The TV is now in my back yard and I can get towork. First thing I’m going to do is remove thisspeaker guard to expose the speakers, and I can take these and remove them for a futureproject. These are 8 Ohm speakers and I’m sure I can find a good use for them. Now justabove the speakers I found a couple of tabs holding the screen in place. After removingthe 2 screws on each side, the screen lifts

straight up and pops off exposing the insideof the TV. You can see at the bottom, the Red Green andBlue cathode ray tubes with their respective lens casings, as well as a nice big mirror.Now since this mirror is used for projection, it’s super reflective so I’m going to removethe screws holding that in place, and save it for a different project. This TV screen has 3 separate layers. It’shard to see, but the front layer is a large piece of plexiglass, that could be useful.The middle layer is a vertical lined plastic. And this back piece is a giant virgin Fresnellens. This is the piece that I’m after.

I got lucky because this one happens to be a crystal clear lens that focuses to a point. And that’s the best that I know of. It may not look like much but this is a giant4 foot magnifying lens! The amount of energy these lenses can generate is outstanding!Producing temperatures over 2000 degrees fahrenheit. They can be used for heating, cooking, purifyingwater, and burning almost anything you can imagine. Amazingly, they do all that just off sunlight. Now that I got the lens I was after, I’m going to play

around with some of these other pieces ontheTV. These projection lenses, the caster wheelsand the power cord can all be saved, and just for fun I’m going to take one of these lenscases and hack it open to see what’s inside. I’m gonna save these nuts and bolts andthen cut down the side of the casing here. And when it’s cracked open, you can see about5 different optical lenses. Now these are really neat because they’re in perfect condition,and I may be able to use them in future light experiments. Most of the them are plastic,but this focusing lens right here is pure glass. It’s quite heavy, and the optics onit are amazing. If I focus it on my table

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