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How Much Solar Power Germany

Fox News Germany Sunnier than U.S.

On fox inference they're gonna bring out and expert and i love this fox business so they're talking about solar energy germany receive your ass now is a business expert so forces in those details of why germany is doing better with solar energy and is ahead of us then we are so let's let them at a different the united states simply hasn't figured out how to do so worry effectively right cheaply you look at the country of germany it's working out great for that dot was germany doing correct and it just a.

Small country network there a smaller country and they've got lots of sun right they've got a lot more sound than we do in the problem is a it's a cloudy day and it's raining it not that i have it i mean this nation is is back astin and and beautiful in its and they in its nsa kapiti in california it's a great solution here in the east coast it's just not going to work that's part of his reporter true bonnie do it built you want to check anything.

By those fights news analyst of factories of but you're really got to go on and on tv and say that germany gets more some of the united states let me show you a map here of who is worse on by its color coded so you know you have to take my word for it that purple is not more son you see the us where it's red hot in the southwest that is that po one of the parts the world i guess the most son envelope land that.

Machinations east coast ah lows kid nowhere near sonny's germany total other fail in fact the east coast of the united states get some more son then germany does you see the northwest that's the only thing that's remotely similar pitcher mean color where they get the least amount of sun in the united states box newsman their unbelievable all of a arctic obviously well that that's because it's in the dissident summer there all the time is there any stuff and by the way the real reason well uh. bloomberg business week explains.

Unlike the us germany as a national solar policy groups the reality is term in government emphasizes solar power and guess what their great in solar power and now they have a private industry they make a lot of money up a bit and they're leading the world and a lot of ways a surly uh. far ahead of us not because they have more son because they're actually trying and they have a government that gives a day if you're a fox news for your news yugdarpanh i got bad news for you.

German Police Barely Shot Anyone in 2011

I gotta interesting email from martin about german police firearms usage statistics from two thousand eleven and i'm gonna tell you what the statistics are the e might deal with the find that equivalent statistics for the us interest in other countries but it's proved a little more difficult than we probably imagine boa so i want to open it up and tell you i would love to equivalent statistics from the us because i'll give you the numbers my senses firearms usage by police in germany seems solo given the population that it it seems incredible seems to on a on a.

Per capita basis it must be higher in the us i would assume some let's go through the numbers the german population was eighty one million in twenty eleven the german police force two hundred and fifty thousand officers now there were a total of eighty five shots fired by police the entire year forty nine of those eightyfive were warning shots fired into the air so once we eliminate those were left with actually thirty six shots that were aimed by police fifteen of those injured people six led to deaths so what we're talking about is it with a two hundred fifty.

Thousand police officers eighty one million population six people were killed by an shots from police during twenty eleven that's twenty two point five million people up hurt aimed shot forget about the that the actual kill ratio the only numbers i was able to find accurate numbers for twenty eleven from the us for that six hundred commit criminals were killed by police in uh. twenty eleven now if you take into consideration the population in the numbers we have about three point five times the population of germany and one.

Hundred times the number of criminals were killed by police with the one thing is not being considered is people killed by german police but not by guns but that seems that going to have to be a pretty low number right how else would people be killed by police in germany if not by of fire yeah i mean i i have nothing to be the rear situations in which it is our kill someone uh. they have a heart attack or whatever or possibly uh. some type of car.

Car related you get into an accident while driving the prisoner to jail or something like that or is a car chase i mean and you you know if they hit states inspiration for sure prudent since it is number strike me as incredibly well please send in if you can find equivalent numbers for of for us police and for other countries what's your expectation on the same time mean in terms of whether the numbers will be higher or lower yeah as as a per capita per person i would expect them to be hired just based on what we know.

TexasGermany ComputerAnimated Walkthrough Solar Decathlon 2015

Addressing issues of urban density and climate change, the Nexushaus is specifically designed to respond to the unique challenges of its location in Austin, Texas. It is designed for maximum flexibility with two living modules. Visitors are welcomed by the allfood landscape, a landscape that converts solar energy to food energy for the residents of the home using only they greywater produced on site and any direct rainfall captured by the shading structure, creating the first waterindependent home in Austin. A home aquaponics system produces healthy vegetables using 90 less water than traditional.

Food production and divides the ramp, bridging the food and water zones The tensile shading structure creates space for outdoor living and collects rainwater, diverting it to an underdeck system that purifies and stores the water for potable indoor use. Entering the day module, we have a combined living, kitchen and dining space with a thick wall on the west, which holds seating and cooking elements. As you enter the nexus, which connects the two modules, sliding doors allow for variations in seasonal living. The space can be closed for privacy and warmth during the winter.

What Countries Are The Most Energy Efficient

As emerging economies continue to expand, their energy needs are set to grow dramatically in the coming years. The International Energy Agency has even predicted that global energy use will increase by 30 percent over the next two and a half decades. With crude oil the source of so much volatility around the world, there is no question that the the future of energy will be based on countries dedicated to alternative, renewable sources. So, which countries are the most energy efficient Well, the American Council for an EnergyEfficient Economy has ranked the world's 16 largest.

Economies, which account for nearly three quarters of global electricity consumption. This is based on 31 metrics, spanning energy use in buildings, industry, and transportation. It includes things like the country's national energy savings goals, vehicle fuel economy standards, and energy consumed per foot of floor space. The United States ranks among the least efficient, at number thirteen. But across the board, Germany saw the greatest energy efficiency, scoring well in all metrics, but especially industry. According to the report, German industry and manufacturing is the second most fuel efficient in the world, with plans to far surpass the current leader,.

Australia, by 2020. Part of the reason Germany is doing so well is a national policy, dedicated to lowering energy use, known as Energiewende, or Energy Transition. The goal of this program is to stop using coal and other nonrenewable energy sources like oil. Clearly, it has been working so far. In 2014, Germany accounted for half of the new wind farms in the EU, and has been leading the world in energy efficiency. In an extremely close second place overall, Italy actually surpasses Germany in transportation. Although they tie with the UK for vehicle fuel efficiency, at nearly 40 miles per gallon.

On average, Italians also travel the least per capita. This low impact, high efficiency makes Italy a world leader in transit energy. Additionally, Italy tends to prioritize its rail system over its roads, leading to more people taking the train, and thereby saving considerable energy. Still, Italy continues to primarily use fossil fuels, and actually scores the worst in terms of commercial building energy efficiency. When it comes to buildings, China takes the lead. Their polluting past and wide range of energy inefficiency may hold them back. But China's residential buildings use less.

Energy per square foot than any other country in the report. This is partially due to strict building codes, and the fact that energy intensity is one of the country's top priorities. And despite being known for wastefulness, between 1980 and 2010, energy consumption increased five times, while the economy grew 18 times. Between Germany, Italy, and China, emerging countries can look at their journeys towards energy efficiency, and fine tune their own programs for maximum output. Still, every country surveyed has a long way to go, and plenty of areas to improve. Hopefully, 2016.

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Germany Becoming The First 100 Solar Powered Nation.

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