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Homemade Solar Energy Devices

Charge Your Phone With A Solar Powered Bikini!

This episode of Dnews is brought to you by BASF, THE Chemical Company. The sun is cool and all, but is there a way we can use it to make our lives better.It just dawned on me. Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews and I apologize for that awful pun earlier. It's a sickness and I can't stop. Anyway, we've been talking a lot lately about simple things you can do at home to decrease your carbon footprint. Recently I showed you how to start your own backyard compost, and.

Today I'm gonna be talking about solar power. Now typically when people hear solar power, they think of solar panels which are great for the environment. But they're also expensive and complicated to install. But that's ok because it turns out, there are tons of solarpowered devices out there that don't require installation, that you probably never even knew existed. A keyboard, for example, is something almost everyone uses and Logitech makes one that's reasonably priced and runs on solar power. What's even cooler about this one, is that.

You don't need natural sunlight to charge it. Any light source will work, including a desk lamp. And it has great reviews, too one person on Amazon said they kept it in a dark room for several months, and the power level never dipped below 100, which is pretty insane when you think about it. Another product that's nowhere near as useful as a keyboard but interesting, nonetheless a solarpowered bikini! For the person who has everything, except shame. This was created by Brooklynbased designer Andrew Schneider, who spends around 80 hours on each one, handstitching.

Hundreds of strips of photovoltaic film together with conductive thread. Of course the downside, is that you can't actually use it in water, but hey if checking Facebook at the beach is THAT important to you, you can always custom order one through his website. For a less girly product, a company called Husqvarna makes a line of solar hybrid robotic lawnmowers like Roombas, but for your yard. These are pretty pricey, around $24K, BUT their list of features is pretty damn impressive. They can be used at night, in the rain, on.

Steep hills, on uneven grass and did you notice they look like miniBatmobiles! If your dream is to own a Batmobile, and you have 4,000 dollars lying around it would be downright irresponsible of you, not to buy this. Yeah. I said it. All the money in the world can't buy this next product but that doesn't make it any less amazing. A pair of Swiss aviation pioneers recently unveiled the Solar Impulse 2, a singleperson aircraft powered entirely by the sun. The surface of the plane is covered with 17,000.

Solar cells, and custommade lithium batteries store that energy for nighttime making it the only plane in the world with unlimited endurance. To raise awareness about clean energy, its creators will attempt the first 5day, nonstop flight around the world in March 2015. And since I know you're all wondering yes, the seat does double as a toilet. God the future is incredible. And hey, speaking of great inventions Discovery Digital and BASF are teaming up once again, to get kids to use their imagination and demonstrate their knowledge of all things science.

Children in grades K8 are encouraged to submit a 24 minute tutorial about an educational and creative science experiment related to chemistry, sustainability, innovation, technology, or energy. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $10,000 college scholarship and an iPad, along with a Stuff To Blow Your Mind prize pack. All you have to do to enter, is submit your tutorial to stufftoblowyourmindscienceawards by May 23rd. The winner will be announced June 6th, and the winning experiment will be featured on StuffToBlowYourMind so if you wanna be internet famous while spreading the gospel.

Making Solar Energy More Affordable, Efficient

Siliconbased solar cells are the rule, but a University of NebraskaLincoln scientist hopes to change the industry standard using new materials and manufacturing methods. Jinsong Huang's research has been featured in the magazine, Science, and is supported by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. Huang makes solar cells using perovskite, a material with a crystal structure that has proven almost as efficient as silicon, but much less expensive. Thin layers of material are applied using a technique called spin coating. The next step is to demonstrate the device is stable.

The Future of Renewable Energy.is Coming from Drones

The drones are coming! And they're making renewable energy You know, the trouble with wind power is that it needs to be windy. And if it's not you really only have two solutions go out and find the wind, or create it. So, how does one create wind Well that's why I've cooked up this huge vat of chili. Just kidding. Actually, there's a company called Solar Wind Energy Tower that has a solution. They propose building towers out in the desert that will suck up hot, dry air. Now that hot, dry air.

Goes up the tower until it hits the top, where they add in water vapor, making that air heavy. And then the air rushes down at speeds upwards of fifty milesperhour, until it hits turbines which then will generate electricity. The best place to harvest wind energy tends to be the coastline. And if you're like me, you like to get your shade from a nice beach umbrella, not a noisy 300ft tall windmill. Luckily, Makani Power, an engineering firm run by a California wind surfer has come up with a pretty cool idea. They have a wind harvesting drone attached to a rope, which.

Sounds pretty radical if you ask me. The most effective part of a turbine blade is the tip. So the Makani Airborne Wind Turbine travels in a vertical circle in the same path as the tip of a conventional turbine blade. Wing mounted rotors catch the rushing wind, which is converted into electricity by small generators and sent back to the ground via the tether, which is a conductive cable. So why is this any better than a traditional windmill The same reason it's better to live in an RV than an Egyptian pyramid. It takes a lot less material to make, and it's portable.

Mental note. Really need to work on my analogies. It's possible that these Makani turbines could be flown out over the ocean where winds are particularly strong. Now the electricity they generate could just be sent down to buoys floating in the ocean and collected later to be sent back to land. Now of course this doesn't mean we should just abandon our traditional wind harvesting strategies, we just have to make them smarter. Which is what companies like GE are doing. You see, they're adding sensors to wind turbines to collect oodles of data, and turn it into.

Dynamic action on the turbines themselves, so if the wind conditions change, the turbine can automatically adjust the tilt of the blades and maximize efficiency. Clearly, none of these solutions are perfect, which is why we're going to have to continue to innovate in this space. After all, when it comes to renewable energy, the winds of change are always blowing. And that leads us to a question. What renewable energy source do you think is the most promising Is it solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal Let us know in the comments below.

Free Energy Generator Akula 1 KWatt Selfrunning Free Energy Device Presentation 2

28th of September 2013. I will present you now a stationary autonomous Free Energy System outdoors. Here you see the devive which is started with a lead acid battery. That is for the Startimpulse generator, so when the system is started I can remove the battery. Here is the load connected via this wire to the 4 bulbs as the load. These 4 bulbs have as a total 1 KWatts of output power. The 1 KWatt power level is always at your free disposal. It only needs a ground connection via this cable to a 2 to 2.5 Meter deep water pipe.

Now I will start the system. So you can see that the lamps are starting to light up. And now the unit runs without any problems. This unit has a maximum output power level of 5 KWatts. Now you see here at the back side that there is the grounding cable connected. Okay, ahh, yes, we now first remove the battery so you see, it does only need the battery for starting. Now the battery is completely removed. Now we take a look at the back side at the grounding cable.

You see here the grounding cable goes to this water pipe, which acts as a normal grounding rod. I can touch it without any problems, as it is just at ground potential. The only thing you need is a really good grounding of the system like this. So the grounding works together with the electromagnetic fields from the air. We now see here the system still running and the output load is positioned on a transparent glas bottle.so no hidden cables. So we have this 1 KWatt load permanently at our free disposal.

solar Battery Charger homemade SOLAR PANELS boat, home, auto, lawn machine, laptop

Hello! I'm Chris with tutorialbreakthru Are you ready to outfit your fishing machine with solar panels building your own semi flexible solar panels can be easy once you know how! Build, your semi flexible solar panel with confidence! Get familiar with our soldering techniques. Tips and tricks like, using a wood stick while soldering your tab wires to the solar cell we can help you every step of the way like checking proper voltages and currents. For those do it yourself ers who are familiar with solar cells I think we're the first to make tutorials of, how to.

Build your own semi flexible solar panels! We BOLDLY GO!. to wear No YouTubeer. has gone before! YouTube channel solartekTV all the tips and tricks. for successful adhesion to both cathode and anode side of the solar cells as well as. to the solar panel. if you're ready to make a semi flexible solar panel you have got to watch are informational tutorials right here on YouTube channel solartekTV! of course there FREE!. It's !!. just listen to this some of this detailed commentary..notice the wires are coming straight out. from your panel underneath that insulator.

Now we have a nice insulator piece so we can put our squeeze connector together. runs look like there coming straight out that's good. Go ahead and put your hardware together for the machine screw. Watch our solar panel progression as we build are semi flexible solar panels right here in our All solarpowered workstation!! solartekTV and here's. the MONEY SHOT!! Background Awesome music ! by WSC Dubbya and The STONE COONS!! Watch all of our howto tutorials right here on channel, solartekTV I'm Chris with, tutorial breakthrough.

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