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Home Zone Solar Charger

Solar Powered Charger

Fridays are all something we can appreciate. In less than nine minutes, youll see just how much weve appreciated them through the years. Im Carl Azuz. Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. All right, charging stations. They popped up in officers, airline terminals, parking lots for electric cars. MIT workers in the research company had been developing technology that merges a charging station with a park bench. Its not cheap. While an everyday bench is anywhere from 160 to 900 bucks, these could sell for thousands. Heres a look at an early project that eventually led to a new kind of bench. One thats giving.

Folks a charge around Boston, Massachusetts. Im Sandra and I live in the city of Boston. We are here at MIT media lab. We made the future for every park bench, a connected solar powered charger. Cities of the future need to be designed around the human being, around us. We are seeing more and more efforts for sittable ph cities. We hacked a lot of things together that normally dont make sense. We took six solar panels, three lithium ion batteries, a waterproof plug, and then we have batteries sensing.

Korean researchers develop spatial wireless charging technology

Korean researchers have developed a device that could allow you to charge your phone from up to a meter away. without any wires. Its quite a step forward from existing wireless chargers that require the phone to be nearly in direct contact with the device. Won Jihyun gives us a glimpse of this tech marvel. Koreas Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute announced this month it developed a 60watt wireless charging system. that can charge an electric bicycle from a meter away. The technology uses magnetic resonance. to create a wireless charging zone. much like a WiFi system.

We installed two energy transmitters one meter away from each other. so any smart device that gets placed in between them would automatically start charging. The power transmitters contain resonance coils. that create a magnetic field using oscillating current. The front wheel of the electric bicycle has a builtin coil. that could convert high frequency waves back into eletricity. The research institute has signed a contract with a local power supplier. to share the technology which could transform the wireless charging market if fully commercialized. But the new method still has a long way to go. in terms of efficiency.

TIPS Simple Fix for phone not charging, loose cell phone charger cord, cord falling out5

Hi everybody. Today I'm doing a follow up for the tutorial I did in March of 2012 titled simple fix for phone not charging. You need to watch that tutorial first before you watch this one OK! This one is for tips and tricks alright! So here we have that MicroUSB charge port that's in my device. You'll see the larger open area on the top. You see that hard to reach row on the bottom below the pin row. That's the tough part to get into. The top part is easy, the bottom part is tough. You will need to flatten your needle enough.

To get into the bottom part. If you take that needle that you flattened, and you haven't flattened it enough, and you push the needle in, you are going to see that pin row start to flex. You do NOT want to flex the pin row! You do NOT want to pry, or twist anything against that pin row, because you do not want to break it off! That will damage your device. So, if you push your needle in and you see it flexing, flatten the needle more. You will.

Be successful or you will be flat enough if you can get all the way to the bottom and swipe the dust out from below there. One person asked me a question, what happens if you can't remove the battery from your device What do you do then Well, I would use a nonconductive pick for the top part. For example, maybe a tooth pick, or a plastic brush pick for your teeth. You could use that for the top, because the conductors that go into the device are on the top of that pin row. There are 5 of them. So using a nonmetal or nonmetallic.

Pick will work there. So you can clean the top out with a nonconductive pick, and the bottom you can use your metal needle that you flattened to clean the bottom out. Blow it out quickly, and you're off to the races! Everything will work again OK! So, if you have any more questions, please post them at the bottom where I can see them where I can answer them. Or maybe somebody else can offer answers as well or suggestions. I'll look forward to hearing from you and, good luck with your device. Thanks for watching!.

Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger Review Overview By AccessoryGeeks

Hey guys john here with accessorygeeks. And you may be wondering why I'm zoomed in the power outlet. Well it's to go over this new product of ours which is here Universal battery charger. Now a lot of you might be used to the one we carry before that just have a little lights There're flash whether it's charging or not. And I know that confuse a couple, so we bought this new LCD one which is extremely easy to use and I'm gonna ahead and demo it As you can see it has two prongs that you're gonna connect to your positive and negative on your battery.

And you're gonna go and connect battery here and I'm plug it into the powerlet. For the purpose of the tutorial I'm gonna use this blackberry dx one battery. As you can see it already tells me the negative and the positive So I'm gonna ahead and put it here and go ahead and connect it Here we go and then put that on the positive Put it down, and as you can see it's connected properly now if I was to do it to a different contact points I'm gonna move it up. That would not light up.

So that's how you figure out if it's ready to charge or not So there we go correct contact point. Awesome. now I'm gonna go ahead and plug it in. Now I'll zoom in to show you guys that it's charging. And as you can see there's a little light right there, means that it's charging. So that's pretty much it. This is universal battery charger. It's gonna work with pretty much any cell phone battery. And that fits in here and how it's contact point. It's not gonna be limited to cell phone batteries.

200 mm LED Yellow Warning Light Solar powered

Hello, this is Martin from Sinowatcher Technology in Shenzhen, China. What I have here is 200mm solar flashing light, solar warning flashing light It's in yellow color, this module has 90 pcs of LED lights, it consumes no more than 10 watts. And life span of these LED lights is more than 80000hours. This warning light has a battery inside, the life of the battery is more than two years. Solar power pannel lasts more than15 years, the battery backup lasts four days in rainy or cloudy days and the voltage range is 11.1 Vs.

This product had been tested for high humidity, salt and high temperature environment and passed 72 hours aging tests. It can work in temperature from minus 40 up to 80 degrees of Celsius. It has rating of IP 65. It complies with international quality and safety standards, such as CE, RoHS, GB and EN. It can be customized to your requirements. We can change LED layout, adjust the electrical parameters , and provide different housing, This is made of poly carbonate, it can be yellow and green as well. It is made of poly carbonate. we can supply different battery or different solar power.

Griffith excels in creating $23.3M green car park

It's innovative, sustainable and state of the art. It's Griffith's new $23 million dollar car park. On our new building as we build is install a significant array of solar voltaic facilities. We've done this on this building and it will absolutly power the building. We have also put in a wind turbine. That generates significant for the campus. One of the things I'm happiest about is we've also going to be installing some um bat boxes to attract microbats to the site. in the past three months the first three months of the year there are over 3,000.

Cases of Ross River Fever, and just in this area alone and so these little guys will actually eat those mosquitoes so it were actually promoting a healthier environment for humans at Griffith. When you look at what has been accomplished here Griffith has never held back to progress this campus. A lot of our focus over the next couple of years is going to be a whole set of facilities which absolutely enhances the enenergy of the campus. this is the biggest car park in the University's history it highlights Griffiths commitment to enhancing the student experience.

Advantage of Fuelless Generator Review

The advantages of fuel less generators A fuel less generator does not need or depend on fuel petrol or diesel and it has nothing whatsoever to do with solar energy, wind energy or inverters. It preserves the safety of our immediate environment from noise and air pollution because it is noiseless and smokeless. Since it does not use fuel at all there is no smoke which is usually caused by carbon combustion in fuel. The components needed to fabricate it are readily and easily available and can be.

Sourced with ease. It can be built to any capacity, depending on the capacity of the load we want it to carry. It does not require any mechanical service or maintenance. It is free from current surge or electric shock It saves a lot of money individual and business owners spend on fuel. It is very safe to use, it does not wear or tear and it can work nonstop for as long as you want. To know more about this fuelless generator please click the link below in the description.

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