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Solar Energy DelftX on edX Course About Tutorial

DR. ARNO SMETS Welcome to the Delft University of Technology. My name is Arno Smets and it's my pleasure to be your lecturer in the course, Solar Energy. In this course, you will be introduced to technologies which convert sunlight into electricity, heat and solar fuels. We will discuss the fundamental physical principles of how a solar cell works and the current status and future challenges of solar energy technologies. I will teach you how to design a solar system for any application. SPEAKER 1 After completion of the course SPEAKER 2 I can analyze the performance of solar cells and modules.

SPEAKER 3 I can explain the various concepts to convert solar energy into electricity, heat and solar fields. SPEAKER 4 I can design on paper a complete photovoltaic system for any application. SPEAKER 5 I can explain the physical working principles of photovoltaic conversion in solar cells. SPEAKER 6 I can describe various solar technologies and their future challenges. SPEAKER 1 On this course, you can also interact with your fellow students all over the world by sharing your own ideas and experiences. GUILLERMO I'm Guillermo and I'm from Ecuador. SPEAKER 7 INAUDIBLE Bangladesh.

SPEAKER 8 I'm INAUDIBLE Achmed from Institute of Renewable Energy at Technology University of INAUDIBLE. SPEAKER 9 I'm a student of the massive open online course of solar energy. SPEAKER 10 Solar energy is becoming more popular in Mexico every day. SPEAKER 11 I am INAUDIBLE from Morocco. SPEAKER 12 Welcome to the Institute of Renewable Energy University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. SPEAKER 13 I will show you my own PV systems. SPEAKER 14 You can watch the system consist of light INAUDIBLE post. SPEAKER 1 You'll surely need and enjoy this course on solar energy.

China Solar Energy DuPont Chapter 1 Plugging Into the Future

00000707, 00001200 gtgt JIN LICONG I study at Peking University, College of Engineering, Center for New Energy Systems. 00001220, 00001422 gtgt JIN LICONG This is the third year of my doctoral program. 00001606, 00002007 gtgt JIN LICONG As a student, I chose to study renewable energy because I think it's a good career path. 00002120, 00002600 gtgt JIN LICONG Energy problems started to arise in our generation. So we are starting to pay more attention to this. 00002923, 00003320 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont's PV RD Center in China provides a great place.

00003321, 00003715 gtgt LINDA WU for DuPont and local Chinese customers to cooperate. 0000'00, 00004322 gtgt LINDA WU In 2013, China is going to become the biggest PV market. 00004401, 00004709 gtgt LINDA WU That's why we've established such a comprehensive PV research team in China 00004710, 00005020 gtgt LINDA WU which is geographically very close to our customers. 00005200, 00005603 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN We must accelerate the adjustment of our energy structure, 00005604, 00005907 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN and reduce total energy consumption, especially that derived from coal. 00005908, 00010219 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN For years, we thought that.

Renewable energy is not a stable source of energy. 00010220, 00010722 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN How can we convert these natural resources barely under human control, 00010723, 00011018 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN to a stable and reliable energy system, to guarantee energy security 00011019, 00011210 gtgt SHI DINGHUAN This is the big challenge we face. 00011421, 00011902 gtgt XIE XIAO PING This Qaidam Basin is rich in solar energy. 00011903, 00012415 gtgt XIE XIAO PING Daylight here lasts for a particularly long time, so building a power plant here gives us a unique advantage.

00012416, 00013017 gtgt XIE XIAO PING This power station is the world's largest individual parallel PV power station. 00013018, 00013411 gtgt XIE XIAO PING We experience dramatic temperature extremes between day and night, 00013412, 00013810 gtgt XIE XIAO PING frequent sandstorms in the spring, and heavy winds. 0001'02, 00014202 gtgt XIE XIAO PING So we needed to consider the durability of the components. 00014203, 00014517 gtgt XIE XIAO PING Highquality products must be chosen. 00015004, 00015210 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG Yingli Group was founded in 1998. 00015317, 00015423 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG To put it simply,.

00015500, 00015802 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG our mission is to produce affordable green power for the people. 00015911, 00020316 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG If you want to lower cost, you need to increase the conversion efficiency of the battery 00020317, 00020718 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG so as to reduce the production cost per watt. 00020807, 00021218 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG That depends on your manufacturing process and the performance of the materials that you use. 00021320, 00021703 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG Innovation plays a very decisive role. 00021800, 00022109 gtgt ZHENG XIAOQIANG We started our cooperation.

With DuPont in 2006. 00022220, 00022709 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont Solamet products play a crucial role in PV cell conversion efficiency. 00022803, 00023301 gtgt LINDA WU We only need half of the modules that were required 12 years ago to generate the same amount of electricity. 00023312, 00023803 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont Tedlar PVF products maintain a great balance between durability, 00023804, 00024105 gtgt LINDA WU mechanical performance, and adhesiveness. 00024122, 00024518 gtgt LINDA WU DuPont Solamet and Tedlar both help further reduce perunit electricitygeneration cost, 00024519, 00024906 gtgt LINDA WU further accelerating the process.

Of achieving grid parity. 00025323, 00025816 gtgt LINDA WU Theoretically, the amount of solar energy that hits the earth for one hour 00025817, 00030117 gtgt LINDA WU could meet all human energy needs for a whole year. 00030307, 00030706 gtgt LINDA WU We are working towards a bluer sky and cleaner water resources for our next generation. 00031116, 00031416 gtgt JIN LICONG My research focus is on the utilization of solar energy. 00031510, 00031804 gtgt JIN LICONG After graduation, I want to work for a renewable energy corporation. 00031805, 00032207 gtgt JIN LICONG I believe that by using my.

CQi Smart Microgrid Management System Intro

Ladies and gentlemen It's my pleasure to present to you CQi Smart Energy Management System As you can see This is our newest product CQi Smart Energy Management Box This product also wins the 2012 Computex Best Choice Award We use ICT technology to detect the energy and we provide the energy efficiency and safty environment to our end customers and those products.are. checking the power information and to our smart building controller and through our server pass to the cloud, internet so.no matter where you are you can control all the energy information.

In your home and we provide. like the overload protection function overheat protect function and also, we have the context management for example you can grouping all the lightings for your home moreover. For you go outside the OUT MODE can shut down all the equipments just in one key press If you have any emergency that including the overload or overheat situation you will easily just press the button and all the system, all the software and also your mobile phone can receive the signal immediately and we can also can combine our system.

How Satellites Have Revolutionized Our Understanding of Our Home Planet

A core of GEO and GEOSS is the free and open exchange of available data and the U.S. has always been at the forefront of making all of our Earth observing data open and available to everyone. The U.S. research program primarily from NASA is presently flying 16 research satellites as you can see there in coordinated orbits making these global but high resolution measurements of many different variables. Measurements of oceanic processes, measurements of land processes, and measurements of atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric composition. And it is only and it is only by being able to make.

All of these measurements from a fleet of spacecraft at approximately the same time, that we can understand the linkages between processes that occur on the Earth. But making the measurements alone is not sufficient because we need to develop the understanding and the only way that we can analyze those measurements efficiently is if there is free and open data exchange. So that the scientist who is interested in studying a particular problem or the decision maker who requires information about a phenomenon not simply a variable can get all of the data.

That he or she needs from U.S. spacecraft, from international partner space craft, from insight you measurement systems, from airborne systems, and get all of that data to then analyze to develop the understanding and the information product. It is the ability to make measurements of the Earth from the vantage point of space that has enabled us essentially to understand the Earth as an integrated system. Because only from the vantage point of space can we make high resolution small scale measurements over large areas and frequent measurements over long periods of time.

NREL SolarCity Maximizing Solar Power on Electrical Grids

The growth of distributed energy resources is becoming real and tangible. Solar technologies, particularly those distributed, rooftop, PV solar technologies, add a lot of variability to the energy supply coming onto the grid. Reliability has been one of the highest responsibilities or roles of utilities. They have to deliver reliable energy to their customers. Folks that have PV on their rooftops want to make sure at the end of their day that they still have a resilient, energyefficient system. The Energy Systems Integration Facility is the only place in the country that has utilityscale capabilities.

In terms of testing and validation. Companies that are out there providing power to consumers don't want to experiment with that. They don't want to experiment with their own systems. And so, the ESIF offers them a place just like their own to do the work that will advance clean, affordable, and reliable power. Putting actual devices that we use in the field into a live circuit at NREL and doing simulation around it is a capability we can't do anywhere else. NREL partnered with SolarCity and HECO to bring together a provider of solar.

Technologies and advanced power electronics and inverters with a utility that had real concerns about operating their grid. SolarCity came in to the Energy Systems Integration Facility. They wanted to better understand how smart inverters would play with Hawaiian Electric. And as an integrator, they wanted to make sure that what they were promoting and what technology they were trying to push forward was actually sound and valid. We have five research projects with NREL. The first one is completed, and the results are done, and it's had a tangible impact in the industry, and specifically in.

Hawaii already. The test relates to a term called transient overvoltage. That was essentially a limiting factor that Hawaiian Electric Company was concerned about as far as installing distributed energy resources on their grid. Once the results came back, it basically said that transient overvoltage was not the limiting factor that we thought it might be. From a technology perspective, it was not the limiting factor on the grid anymore in Hawaii. We have these specific results in Hawaii. We anticipate, and we're getting the interest, to take those results and apply them to utilities across the country. Utilities are reaching out, they're.

Asking about it, and there's an appetite to revisit these limits. I'm a big believer in collaboration. This sort of collaboration, collaboration with utilitiesdistributed energy resource providers like SolarCity and national labs like NRELit's critical because of the pace of change in the industry. NREL can be that convening authority, that facilitator for these collaborations to bring groups together in ways that they may not individually do on their own. I think this is absolutely the beginning of a new paradigm for relationships on tackling these really challenging topics on the grid.

We hope that bringing industry partners, the utility folks together with our staff, our Energy Systems Integration Facility capabilities, all the research teams will be able to have that much further impact towards the smart grid of the future. The grid is evolving, and it's one of the biggest assets we have as a country. To change that, to bring a new technology to engage new consumers, and doing all of this in an equitable way that reduces carbon and supports the environmentit's a whole set of large, audacious goals that are incredible to work on.

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