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Novo Solar Systems

Novo Solar is a very professional service oriented company. We install solar photovoltaic systems on rooftops but we do ground applications as well. How does sunshine become energy First sunlight hits the solar panels and is converted into direct current electricity throughout the day. An inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current. From the inverter the electricity is then sent to the home's electrical panel where it can power appliances and lights. Excess power can be fed into the grid. Solar's become increasingly popular worldwide. There are countries in the world that only rely on solar energy.

Germany is a good example. Germany produces a large amount of their power from photovoltaic solar energy and they get seventy percent of the sunlight that we do. So British Columbia an extremely good geographic area for solar. Solar panels work for everybody. If you're out wilderness with no electricity, if you're in the suburban areas or if you're in the city. Several items are important for solar. Southfacing roof is handy. The bottom line is you want direct sunlight to the panels at some level, so usually south facing. You need adequate.

Size service panel depending on the size of the system that you're installing. It's best to just check with us and let you know if you need to do any upgrades and what size system you can put on the existing equipment. Installations of a solar system generally take in the neighborhood of a day depending on the size, the complexity the installation, the amount have roof area required, the difficulty accessing the roof, and the requirements getting a cable from the roof to the inverter and back to the panel. Once the system has been installed.

The electrical inspector from the Safety Authority comes to do the final inspection and then we submit that paperwork to BC Hydro. And as long as the electrical inspector signs off on everything's fine, they're quite happy with everything. Getting a solar system has been a great experience. Not only did Novo Solar do a really efficient fast job on time and on budget it actually really opened my eyes to other opportunities to save energy in a variety of different ways and solar energy fit in perfectly to that plan.

They also assisted us with us some other energy efficiency ideas and so are overall hydro bill has actually gone down about 40 percent through all the things that they recommended. Maintenance of the solar system is actually very easy. We just spray it off with a garden hose if it gets dusty or leaves fall on it. It's quite infrequent that we have to maintain it and it's very simple. I can't say enough good things about changing the solar not only do I feel good about generating clean energy but I found that the whole experience of.

How to Install Solar Panels Mounting Rails on Roof for Solar Panels

All right, we're getting ready to mount our rails up here, and I've got some blocks of wood. Pressure treated lumber already mounted, from one of my last solar projects, so we'll reuse those when we can. This roof is over the laundry room, and it's facing almost directly south, which is perfect for a solar exposure. Not too difficult for that top end. Let's get some down at the bottom now. Drill a couple of holes here, so we've got a couple more blocks of wood, just to rise this up off the roof. Give a.

Solar Power Air Conditioning System by The Cooling Company in Las Vegas, NV

If there's one thing that's nice to have during our hot Las Vegas summers, besides a cold glass of lemonade, it's a properly working air conditioner. There's nothing quite like basking in the cool air of an air conditioner during a hot day. However, if there's one negative aspect that you dislike about your air conditioner, it's the fact that your NV Energy bill sharply increases. In addition to taking more of your hardearned dollars, many are not environmentally friendly. However, there's a better way to get the benefits of a new air conditioner.

System without the negative impact on the environment or your wallet. That's by using a solar air conditioner. That's right. I said solar. Solar power has become very popular in recent years here in southern Nevada, for use in numerous households for various purposes. We're putting our focus on powering your air conditioner. When not running your AC unit, the system will automatically put that stored energy to good use by powering other appliances. While it may appear that solar powered air conditioners have only a few benefits, they actually have numerous.

Advantages. First, you can easily save hundreds of dollars in power bills by avoiding the use of your current energysucking air conditioner. Why waste hundreds of dollars on electricity to power your air conditioner when you have a free energy source right above your head Second, you can help protect the environment. Traditional air conditioners not only suck up quite a bit of valuable energy, but they also release molecules that contribute to climate change. Solar systems use natural energy to power their units. There's no wasted electricity and no harmful.

Materials exuded into the environment. Third, you can be rewarded by government and utilitybased programs for using renewable energy sources, such as solar power. There are numerous benefits such as tax exemptions, grants, and more that can be awarded to you for using solar powered devices. NV Energy may also reimburse you with credits while using solar power. When you create more power than you're using, this excess energy goes back onto the grid creating credits for you. Finally, solar power is incredibly reliable as solar panels are always gathering solar energy, no matter if the sun is out or if it's cloudy.

How do I make my home more sustainable

Hi, James. Hey, nice to meet you. It's been really cold in my house, I need to, sort of. Oh, no worries. Hi. Hey. So, I recently had the great fortune of purchasing my first house, but it's a little old, a little inefficient. It's cold all the time, and I'm freezing. I was hoping you could help me retrofit it so that it's a little bit more efficient, but also better for the planet, which is something that I care about. Awesome yeah, I'd love to A lot. A lot.

Let's go on a site visit. Oh, actually, I've just got it right here. Oh, OK. And this is my home. Wow, that is modest. Thank you, it's a tiny home. If we were going to retrofit this, how would we start The first step, I would say, is weatherization. Generally, you want to start around the windows, and also get the doors, and then I would also get any edges. I would say the next most important thing and most costeffective weatherization you can do is insulation in particular, attic insulation. Many old homes don't have enough insulation in their attic.

If you want to get more aggressive with your renovations, one thing that I would definitely recommend to homeowners, and actually a lot of highperformance buildings use, is called radiant heating. What radiant heating is it's just tubes that you can embed, either under like your kitchen floor or in concrete, and then hot water flows through these tubes. And so it actually makes you a lot more comfortable because you're closer in relationship to the heat. That's perfect, because I hate shoes. Yeah, I mean, actually, a lot of our employees like to walk around without shoes.

That's disgusting. The next one that I would consider is solar. Oh, well, let's do it. And actually, in Seattle, you can get a three kilowatt system for around $15,000 to $25,000, and there's also really great tax incentives you can take advantage of, and a growing number of thirdparty companies that will actually finance the whole investment. Plus, they look cool, and then you can brag to the neighbors about them. That's really important. It's really important to me than my neighbors know that my place is being retrofitted, so if there's not, like, a sign I can put the.

The yard that says, This house is environmentally efficient, solar panels will be a great way to show the world. It's important to start looking at your landscaping and really consider how your site can contribute to the overall ecology around your building. In Seattle, we have a lot of Himalayan blackberry bushes, which are actually an invasive species. A delicious one. So, my recommendation would be to replace those with more native and naturalized species. So, what are these These are, well, I'm not sure exactly what they are. They kind of look like half oranges to me.

I have a very good landscaper friend I rely on for this type of stuff, and he told me that these are true OK, I trust you. Always trust a man in a tie, that's my motto. If I wanted to start a new place, what would you recommend instead of retrofitting Yeah, well, and I would say my recommendation would always be to see if there's a possibility to retrofit. It's, I think, gonna always be more sustainable to reuse something. If you are looking at something new, we say, first,.

Look actually at the carrying capacity of your site How much energy can you get How much food can you produce How much water can you collect And then, let your design decisions be driven by what you can actually generate from your site. We think beauty is an important aspect of sustainability because unless it's something that you care about and your community cares about, it's not gonna last. Well, I can't imagine anything more beautiful than this. I have to agree. It looks great. Great job, James, you're hired.

Comparing Kyocera KD140 Solar Panels

Hi, I'm Amy from the altE Store. The Kyocera KD140 solar panel is very popular for DIY off grid solar. It is available in two different versions, the SX and the GX. So what's the difference and when should I use one over the other The solar cells and frame are identical between the two. The only difference is how you connect them to your solar system. The KD140GX comes with a sealed junction box on the back with about 3 feet of PV wire coming out of the back with solar connectors known as SMK already.

On them for plus and minus. This makes it very easy to wire them in series with other panels, and then you just take an extension cable, cut it in two, and use the resulting 2 cables to wire to your combiner box or pass thru box to continue on to inside in conduit. If you are just wiring 2 in parallel, you can optionally use a coupler to connect the pluses together and the minus together. The GX is also nice for if you have a portable system, such as on a boat or RV, and need.

To remove the connection. With the key, you can just disconnect and store the panels. The KD140SX comes with a junction box, or Jbox, without cables. This allows you to open the back and use your own wire to wire up your system. This can be an advantage when you are installing the solar panel on a boat and want to use marine grade tinned wire. It is also great for a small solar system with only one or two solar panels, you can just wire them together inside the junction box.

By getting your own PV wire and lugs, you can wire them together without needing to have the specialized solar connector cables. Note that the SX comes with 2 water tight strain reliefs tucked inside the jbox to provide a watertight seal around the wire. If you found this tutorial helpful, please like and share it. Please watch more of our tutorials here and subscribe to our channel, altEstore, to be notified as soon as we release a new one! Also visit our website at altEstore, where we have been making renewable doable since 1999.

ANTECY Solar House

This is our Solar House A house completely selfsufficient on solar energy These are the solar panels and they capture the sunlight and convert the energy from the sun into electricity The electricity can be used for all appliances in the house Usually at day time, you absorb more energy than you can use and so we need to store that The way we've developed to store that, is to use this excess energy to convert CO2 from the air into methanol The methanol can then safely being stored And when we need.

The additional energy for instance at night time, than we can start converting the methanol back into electricity You can also generate an excess of methanol, which you can for instance blend into the gasoline of your car I would like to tell you something about the technical details of our Solar House The Solar House contains various elements to convert the electricity from the sunlight into methanol, which is a liquid energy carrier The various elements include the production of electricity, the collection of CO2, and the conversion of CO2 into methanol.

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