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Solar Energy in the desert of Sahara

In the Sahara desert, where the sunshine is intense and present all through the year, there is a huge potential for production of cleaner energy by solar panels. Montreal resident Atigh Ould wanted to explore the potential of this clean energy source, while helping the local nomad communities around his home village of Ividjaren, Mauritania. In February 2012 as a part of the Mauritanian Nomad Festival, Atigh brought solar panels from the Montrealbased energy company MSM Electric. The company exports new energy solutions to more than 60 countries, and has an office in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott.

Atigh and the MSM Electric president, Mohamadou Maguiraga, installed the solar panels together with a team of engineers and nomads from the surrounding area. The system includes eight solar panels connected to a water pump near the bottom of the well, 60 meters below the ground. Powered by the solar panels, the pump can transport water seventy meters upwards, so it reaches a nearby water tower. In the past, water had been pumped from the well using a dieselpowered pump, creating both noise, fumes and expenses. The new solarpowered pump works without any noise, so that you don't notice it is operating,.

Atigh explains. We were sitting around the well, when the engineer suddenly switched on the water pump. Just from being in the sun for some time during the installation, the solar panels had charged enough to power the water pump. The water started flowing from the well, and everyone started playing with the water, singing and celebrating, he recounts. The well can provide 25 tons of water every day, many times double the old capacity. Recent reports from the village of Ividjaren say the nomads are very happy with the solar panels.

Natural Fusion, Penn States Solar Decathlon Team 2009

Penn State students are creating a sustainable and sensible living environment That's right now, In Motion Soemthing like this You can own it. You can do this. I'm hoping that we can present a home that we're all proud of The big, immediate impact, the overall goal of this project, is to show the public, and to show the people of the United States and the world, that solar is real, and it can exist right now today, and for us, we were trying to show that it can be affordable as well.

What we really wanna show is that these houses are not some technological oneoff freakshow, we really want it to be something the people can understand and get a feel for, walk in and say, Well this doesn't seem space age or, This doesn't seem like I'm making a huge sacrifice in my life to be able to live a sustainable way that, This is something that I could do, and do comfortably A dynamic group of students representing a variety of colleges and majors are working throughout the summer constructing Penn State's Natural Fusion Home.

Utilizing renewable energies and green technologies to create an economically practical and functional product Taking on an enterprise of this size starts with collaboration, and for this mission, teamwork is the foundation It's not about design versus communications versus engineering, it's about what we can do to have this integration such that the home is presented in a way that makes sense The main area we're gaining in is the education of this project, not just what we're doing, but the fact that we're learning about solar systems and mechanical systems,.

I'm learning how to do structural systems, That's a great experience, you learn a lot about that, but the biggest thing that we learn that most students don't get to learn, is working as a team, working with other people to really accomplish a project of this magnitude The engineers also have the logic for their systems, and then the desing has their logic on how it needs to be presented, So it's very different in terms of how you learn to communicate besides with the skills that you learn in the classroom of,.

This is a drawing, this is a line, this is a perspective It's now How do you communicate that idea to somebody else who needs to work with you Ultimately, the team will present their finished home on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. at this year's Solar Decatalon Competition in October Penn State is one of twenty colleges and universities invited to this year's contest I hope we do really well in the competition, I think we're one of the top contenders right now, we'll see how that pans out.

Electrical Energy Saver that shows How to Save Electricity with a Power Saver

So i set up this Electrical Power Saver demonstration kit here to show you exactly how it works I have a show you exactly how it works i have a motor that came out of an air conditioner we have our unit Power Corrector we have a meter here that is going to measure how many watts that are being pulled by this motor and how many watts once it goes through here it goes up through this coil of wire that represents the wiring in your home or business it's about sixty.

Feet of wire then it comes down and gets power measured here to the power company line so I am going to turn everything to watts ok so you'll notice here the motor itself is consuming a hundred and fifty one watts Unfortunately you're being charged a hundred and seventy two watts so you've got about ten percent that you're being billed for that you're not actually using you're not benefiting from that and i'll show you What we do is we turn this on and it takes that wasted energy and recycles it back to the motor sixty.

Times a second that's basically that what the capacitor does when it does that you'll notice this one's going to drop right So I am going to flip the switch on Notice this one stays relatively unchanged but now this one drops to match it so now you're being billed the correct amount that you are actually using because we are taking what was being wasted and the power company had to keep supplying the excess we're not going to recycle that energy and feed it back to the motor so instead of wasting it you actually are going to get every dime.

Air Quality Testing in Montreal

Everyone knows that montreal's a great place to live it's like having a little slice of Europe in North America whether it's sports music or the economy Montreal seems to have thrived so what could possibly be a concern to those living in Montreal well i can tell you mold that's right mold is a problem in Montreal just like it is in other cities and areas in North America for example marijuana growops in homes in Montreal have cause severe mold infestations that must be tested and remove professionally mold Busters Montreal specializes in cleaning and disinfecting buildings.

That have been damaged by marijuana growing operations the company has given birth to a new type of cleaning service that has resulted from the riser indoor marijuana growops which have left homes and industrial buildings infested with toxic mold and structurally mark mold busters has encountered homes with wall to wall mold problems mold busters is your best choice for experienced trained and professional mold removal services in Montreal for more information about a Montreal services visit our website at WWW.BUSTMOLD.COM and then be sure to give us a white on Facebook remember.

Colorado RV Dealers Learn who is 1 among Colorado RV dealers

Of the 100 or so Colorado RV dealers, RV Steals and Deals annually ranks among the top dealers in the state. Given that RV Steals and Deals is located 4 hours from Denver in the high Rockies town of South Fork, that's no small accomplishment. Every year they sell an incredible number of toy haulers, travel trailers, and 5th wheel campers. With a commitment to extraordinary customer service and a no hassle, no haggle pricing policy, they have earned the business of customers not only in the state of Colorado, but Nationwide. While not as large as many.

Maximizing Space Through Design The Archetype Sustainable House

In the houses, one of the first things we like to talk about is in terms of flexibility of design, and making sure people feel comfortable when they walk into the building. So when people walk into this house here, they're seeing, you know, furniture that normally they would find. And nothing is outrageous. But it's not until you start talking about what's behind all the, you know, visual things that really makes this house really appealing. The first thing we like to talk about is a lot of people don't realize how small.

The house is. It's only 1800 square feet Most homeowners in Ontario in Canada, the average size house is about 2500 square feet. So if you mention that to a homeowner that i'm gonna have you live in an 1800 square foot house, A lot of them are going to walk in the other direction because what they're typically going to see is a townhouse that has very very small rooms, that's claustrophobic. So we want them to feel really quite comfortable in a small house. It has these large beams that carry all weight of the next floor.

Above you so that all the walls on the inside are nonstructural, their non loadbearing walls. And so you can have a nice open concept, one big room. We put higher ceilings in here to make it feel much airier. And most of the people come through the tours here always I own 1800 square feet. I know what 1800 square feet feels like. This is much much bigger. So they automatically feel comfortable in the house because it is very very open and we've already got past that first hurdle in terms of introducing people to smaller.

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