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Harga Paket Solar Home System

Panel Surya Instalasi sederhana panel surya di rumah Panel surya 100WP.

Bamboo as sustainable energy source for Indonesia by CPI

Indonesia, a large country with a population of over 250 million people the 4th most populous country on earth As the biggest archipelago in the world distributing electricity to all of its population is a big challenge for Indonesia Only big cities have got adequate power distribution whereas in rural areas electricity ratio relative to its population is still very low In addition to the problem of distribution Indonesia today is still very much relying on fossil fuel as energy resources.

But imagine if we keep exploiting it on, and on, and on! The reserve will deplete rapidly and then finally run out! Crude oil natural gas and coal are the 3 fossil energy resources that have been used extensively in Indonesia But Indonesia has imported petroleum since 2009 and is expected to become the biggest importer in the world by 2019

Then there’s domestic gas reserves that is running out fast so we have to look for new reserves which will result to very high price at the hand of end user While good quality coal is very limited and the cost of distribution is high so that effectively can only be utilized around the mining areas If this trend continues Indonesia will surely face energy crisis by the end of the decade

This energy crisis will have a direct impact to the Indonesian economy where energy subsidies will take over large portion of the state budgets Making matters worse, the inflation will be more difficult to control Indonesian economy will eventually collapse! There is only 1 way to prevent this which is to switch to abundant renewable energy resources Sources of energy that we can harness locally

such as hydro, geothermal, wind, solar and biomass But they are not always suitable to be developed in all regions of Indonesia For example, hydro and geothermal both of them are good but

the number of exploitable sources are very limited and they can only be effectively distributed close to the sources site And then the wind sources The energy that is generated from wind is much less efficient because the speed of the wind are unstable here It is caused by Indonesia’s geographical location near the equator Then there’s solar panel that converts sun’s energy to electricity But it requires large space of land and will compete with agricultural land

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