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Flexible Solar Pool Heater Panels

Solar Energy Panels an Alternative Energy Source Save Money with Solar Energy Rebates

Imagine harnessing the power of the sun to reduce your utility bills. Despite the large initial investment, solar energy panels are a green renewable energy source that can add value to you home and reduce your energy costs paying for themselves over time. This is your Union Plus Green Minute and I'm here to tell you how to go green and save green at the same time. By installing solar energy panels to generate your own electricity, you can save between 400 and 700 dollars a year. You can also install a solar powered.

Water heater and save hundreds more. On sunny days when no one is home, you might generate more electricity than you use. Your meter will run backward and your utility will actually owe you money. Solar energy panels for your home are not as expensive as they seem because you'll get a 30 percent federal tax credit. Most people recoup their investment in eight to twelve years, though that depends on where you live, how much sun you get, what your utility rates are, and other factors. And that's not all. If you use your Union Plus credit card to pay for energy efficient.

EnergyShouldBe News February 2013

Author Thom Hartmann said New stories are necessary to change the world. EnergyShouldBe News, February, 2013 News About Us We've reached an important milestone with two thousand views of our various tutorials and 300 Views just in February alone. Our mostwatched tutorial continues to be To Allow Lots of Renewables Baseload Coal Nuclear Must Go. Electricity Australia hops to wind. Declining costs of wind combined with a carbon fee imposed last year makes wind the best deal in Australia by a lot. Wind electricity is much cheaper now than coal and natural gas.

This inflatable solar collector starts soft like a kiddie swimming pool until you inflate it, then it is lightweight and lowcost. Why is US residential solar so much more expensive than German solar The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory updated expanded an earlier study. The conclusion remains the same. It's not the cost of the panels or the inverter it's the soft costs of customer acquisition, permitting, and paperwork. Transportation. The best motorcycle for police work might just be electric particularly in urban and park settings. Very stealthy quiet,.

Low fuel and maintenance costs, and a 120 mile range that's plenty for many kinds of police work. Big brown is going green. They are purchasing 100 electric vehicles to put into service in central California. Electric vehicles. of course. are quick and quiet, there are large savings from not having to buy diesel fuel and very little maintenance, and since UPS knows the delivery route in advance, the 75 mile range is no problem for UPS and many other vehicle fleet owners. And if they have to have a route that needs more than 75 miles they just send one of the old diesels.

US families spent $3000 on transportation fuel last year. That's the highest percentage of household income spent on fuel in almost thirty years. And though it's not part of the study, common plugins charge at about a quarter the cost of historically that is to say fossil fueled vehicles. That kind of savings on fuel combined with EV's being quick fun to drive, and low maintenance costs may point to rapid growth for plugin vehicles. Researchers in Utah are developing ways to wirelessly transfer large amounts of electricity to buses and cars across a teninch air gap with.

High efficiency. Miscellaneous. Simply lift a bag of dirt every 20 30 minutes and you've got light. This crowdfunded company's goal is to deliver GravityLights to end users at $10 each within a very few months time. And, $10 is less than the cost of three months of kerosene for many people. In Germany, at night, there is often very cheap excess electricity on the grid from wind and too much baseload generation. Audi is developing a factory to take that electricity and convert it to methane, storing that energy for later use.

The process is expected to be 40 efficient at the start and increases to as much as 60 efficiency in the future. Although this is inefficient in comparison to electricity stored in a battery the cost of electricity late at night can be very low. In fact, busload generators in Europe sometimes end up paying others to take their excess! Please subscribe to our free monthly newsletter. Visit us on the web or visit us on , Facebook, or Linkedin. Your donations help us make more tutorials more quickly! Thank you!!.

Fresnel Lens Review

Hi, I'm Monica, one of the Optical Engineers here at Edmund Optics. Today I would like to talk with you about Fresnel lenses and common applications in which they are used. A Fresnel lens is a unique type of lens that operates differently than typical spherical or even aspheric lenses. They are composed of a series of concentric grooves etched into one side of a sheet of plastic like you see in this figure. The grooves in Fresnel lenses act as individual refracting surfaces which bend parallel rays in a similar fashion to a conventional lens and thus have similarly specified focal lengths.

However, Fresnel lenses have a lighter and thinner design, far less absorption due to the smaller thickness and a larger variety of size options. Fresnel lenses have a variety of applications but are not appropriate in all optical systems. The drawbacks of these lenses include chromatic aberration when used with broadband sources, distortion to any images formed, and poor image quality when used in imaging systems. Though still not recommended, higher groove densities do provide slightly better image formation. In our catalog you will find both spherical and aspheric Fresnel lenses. One common application of Fresnel lenses is solar collection.

Due to the availability of Fresnel lenses in large sizes they are the ideal choice for focusing sunlight to heat a sample placed at the focal point of the lens. They are also commonly used to collect light for solar cell heat collectors. Aspheric Fresnel lenses will provide better light concentrating ability than a conventional spherical Fresnel lens. Smaller Fresnel lenses can accomplish the same focusing abilities as in a solar collection setup but on a smaller scale. They can collimate light emitted from LEDs or other light sources or can be used to focus light into sensors.

In a nonimaging setup. Fresnel lenses are also common in illumination systems since they are very useful for providing even illumination from nonuniform light sources. You have probably seen older projection TVs that have a large Fresnel lens behind the screen or overhead projectors with a Fresnel lens under the transparency to evenly illuminate the viewing screen. Although Fresnel lenses are not recommended for imaging systems, they can be used as large magnifiers or to relay an image where image quality requirements are not stringent and a glass lens may prove impractical.

Solar PV Tile Roof

Good morning and welcome to one of Ecoelectric's solar information specials. Today were looking at rooftop installations considerations. This is a tile system installed onto what is a north west face over here 3.54kW and over here on the north east we have another 2.5 or so kW. This system is just under 7kW in total and we will just have a look at how it has been installed on the roof. You can see that its using a fairly standard rail mount system. I believe this is an old version of Grace rail its certainly not Antai which.

Were using at the moment. Its fairly typical of a tile mount system you can see that the tile brackets here come out from underneath the tile and as you can see on this roof the tile sits quite nicely on the bracket without any grinding of the tile itself. We dont reccommend that the tile are ground in unless you see a decent gap on the edge of your tile. If this gap is too high then sometimes they do need to be gound. You can also see here the.

Earthing attachment to the rail. Stainless steel all 100 compliant. The interesting thing though is that even stainless steel you can still see slight corrosion on the edge which gives you an idea of what can happen if people use non stainless galvanised or even worse zinc plated type earthing arrangements they simply wont last. Here is a typical cable penetration its a decktie. As you can see it hasnt been screwed to the tile underneath that is a 25mm penetration. The decktie has literally been put down with sealent.

In this case it looks like a clear sealent has been used. We actually reccommend colored sealant as it has a higher tensile rating when it bonds to the tile. Were using grey Sikaflex. Under here you can see a decent gap there are a lot of plastic cable ties which are no longer to spec but when this system was installed that was perfectly ok. Its is a fairly neat job there are no cables hanging on the roof and there is a good airgap there for heat to move out from underneath the solar system. You can also see that the.

Floor Air Conditioner Reviews

Are you living in a place where heat is making you extremely uncomfortable So much so as that heat becomes unbearable Air conditioning is the most probable answer for you. But then, what if you live in an apartment complex where the owner would not allow air conditioner attached to your wall If this is happening to you, then this is the answer you have been looking for. Floor air conditioner is the answer to those complicated home owners who refused to get an air conditioner attached to your house you are renting.

It functions the same way as the air conditioner attached to your wall. It even gives you better performance when it comes to cooling capability. More than that, it will not occupy much space. It is equally inviting that floor based air conditioners can cover as much space as you could imagine. To top it all, you will not need any installation process in order to use floor air conditioners. In fact, you can move it to any place you prefer it to be. This is affordability, flexibility and comfort in one. However, it is much more expensive.

Compared to its contemporaries. There are different floor air conditioners. Some of the leading examples are LF480CE, LA095HV and LWHD1800HR. LF480CE has a plasma air purifying system. The systems employ a huge filter and a purifier that functions electronically. It captures small particles that is unseen to human eyes like pet fur, pollen or even the smallest dust that you can imagine. The fan speeds are most efficient. It produces a seamless flow of air circulation. Thereby, it reduces room temperature with ease and comfort that you cannot imagine possible. More so, it shuts off automatically before the room becomes freezing cold.

The compressors also save your electric bill because it will shift to a feasible temperature once you reached your desired wintriness LA095HV stands out with its elegance and sophisticated looks. It is very slim so it can accommodate more space for your room. It will surely work with any design you have in your home. More than that, it also leaves your home sweet smelling because it filters the smallest dirt around. It cools down to 64 degrees in half an hour. LWHD1800HR is neatly designed air conditioner. It is very silent. It is the most silent among.

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