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Flexible Solar Panels For Clothing

Flexible Solar Cells Could Be Woven Into Clothes

This is a fascinating science story the first flexible fiberoptic solar cells that can be woven into clothes are being developed this is but on international team of engineers this is a physicists and chemists were developed the first five rocket solar cell these are their they human hair they're flexible and they produce electricity just like a normal solar cell the us military is of course already interested in the zipping about weeding them into clothing it's almost like a wearable power source as you walk around your equipment is powered literally by the sun think about all of.

These other ideas i mean you could weave this stuff into a building right i mean you you could literally we've this into a building in the building itself is powered by the sun heated clothing right and evaluate this idea i know you're often very harsh about potential new technologies you consider them either stupid or just not practical are unlikely to come to fruition evaluate this one it seems like a reasonable idea but uh. generally speaking in the future we're going to have batteries that are much smaller and much more powerful.

Which will probably eliminate the need for something like this will go where will the battery be charged from you still need to charge that battery and using the son could be a great idea let me give you an example a cellphone the battery in the cellphone might get smaller and smaller and last longer and longer fine but what if you had a baseball hat with these fibers warning and you can plug that reading to your phone and charge it off of you have yes it seems interesting but like i said i think i think with her just.

Technologies that were not thinking of that will make this obsolete evaluate this on a scale of one to ten one being completely worth of spending the most interesting idea you've ever heard to louis this scale with everything's below a fiveweek what's the latest are doing with the latest eight that we've talked about on the ship the latest a yeah are now i've got a good one on tomorrow's gonna show that ok have a very good he's worked as a list of any tends to lose any pens.

Polymer Solar Cells

Music narrator The sun provides a clean renewable source of energy. But electricity is expensive to produce using solar cells compared to nuclear energy or power from fossil fuels. Research at the University of NebraskaLincoln focuses on a solution. Huang The goal of this project is to make a more efficient and cheaper solar cells. UNL engineer Jinsong Huang earned a National Science Foundation Career Award to advance his research into solar energy devices. Huang wants to replace the silicon material used in today's solar cells with polymers or plastics. narrator Huang and his colleagues have designed a new structure that includes a thin layer of ferro electric.

Polymer, a material often used in insulation. Combined with organic polymers and electrodes, the device would generate more electricity at a lower cost. When this labsized device is perfected, it could be produced on a large scale. narrator If Huang can improve the efficiency of the polymer solar cell, the new device could replace the large solar panes atop buildings. And because polymers are flexible, future solar cells could also be pasted on a window or incorporated in fabric to provide a charge for your laptop or warmth on a camping trip.

Sustainable Cities Scott Watkins

I'm Scott Watkins, and I'm working to make solar panels using new processes where we can print them. This enables us to make energy generation sources that can be low cost, lightweight, and used in ways that we haven't even imagined yet. The sun provides a huge amount of energy for us. In fact, more energy hits the surface of the earth in one hour than we consume in a whole year. By developing new sorts of solar panels, we can generate electricity by having them on surfaces in all aspects of our lives.

Printable solar cells mean using things like this, a printer, to make a solar panel that generates electricity. It's exciting because this is a way of making these solar panels that's really cheap, really easy, and can be done really quickly. And the product that we get out at the end is flexible, lightweight, and can be different shapes and colours. All of this means we can use solar power in ways that are different to what we can currently do with existing hard, rigid silicon solar panels. This is our smallest printer.

And what we can do on this is print rolls that are about 10 centimetres wide. What we've got here is a solution of the polymers that absorb the light in the printed solar cell. So we take this solution, this ink, and put it into the tray that's inside the printer. Then we run the printer, and the printer coats this ink onto the plastic. And that's the first step in making the solar cell. So we take the rolls from the printer that we just saw that have the polymer ink printed down onto them, and we bring.

These and install them on this printer here. What this printer does is puts down the top electrode, and that's a silver grid. We can see that silver grid printed on here on the finished solar cell. So this is one of our printed solar cells. We've put some copper tape on the ends to act as the connector. What I'm doing here is taking this printed solar cell and plug into it the positive and negative electrodes. We'll then take our cell and put it under our light, and we.

Can measure how much power it's producing. So what we're doing here is we're measuring how much current the solar cell is producing. Even under this room light, we're still producing a little bit of power. But when we turn the solar simulator on that simulates the real sunlight, we see a big jump in the amount of current that we're producing. One view of a city of the future would be that every surface is generating some electricity. So that's the windows, that's the tops of the buildings, the bus shelters, the roofs of the cars, and the bags and the.

Kirigamibased stretchable lithiumion batteries for Wearables

The Japanese paperfolding art Origami has inspired many kind of flexible batteries recently, but they won't actually stretch. But there is a need for Stretchable batteries that can allow engineers to customfit batteries into moveable, flexible devices like a robot's legs or a springy wristwatch band. Now an Arizona State University research team has overcome the limitation by using a variation of origami, called kirigami, as a design template for batteries that can be stretched to more than 150 percent of their original size and still maintain full functionality. They developed kirigamibased lithiumion batteries using a combination of folds and.

Cuts to create patterns that enable a significant increase in stretchability. Kirigami is a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper, rather than just folding the paper as is the case with origami. The kirigamibased prototype battery was fit into an elastic wristband that was attached to a smart watch. The battery fully powered the watch as the band was being stretched. This type of battery could potentially be used to replace the bulky and rigid batteries that are limiting the development of compact wearable electronic devices Such stretchable batteries could even be integrated into fabrics including those used for.

TRON Hoodie with EL Wire

Are you looking for a last minute Halloween costume that looks like it took forever Try building a lightup hoodie with EL wire perfect for school and office parties or that parade you forgot you'd said you'd join. All you need for this project is an EL wire starter pack from Adafruit, a needle and thread, and scissors. Oh, and a hoodie, of course. Put the inverter pack in your hoodie's pocket and poke a small hole on the inside for a wire to come through. Plug in the EL wire and stitch it to the hoodie.

Along the inside of the zipper with a whip stitch. This way you can adjust how much shows by adjusting your zipper. Continue whip stitching the EL wire around the inside of the hood and back down the other side of the zipper. If you have extra EL wire at the end, just cut it off. You can make your hoodie extra fancy by using Adafruit's flowingeffect EL wire, or add a sound activated inverter so the light thumps to the music. Show us your Halloween costumes online with hashtag ElectronicHalloween, or make an appearance on our weekly show and tell on Google. Subscribe.

Tutorial of Waverly Solar Flair Lime Indigo Fabric 675731

Waverly Solar Flair Lime Indigo Fabric 675731 is a contemporary solid from the Deluxe II Collection with a luxuriously soft hand. This rich, luminescent fabric is a blend of polyester and rayon. With hundreds of style options, there is a Waverly fabric for any home dcor, from classically floral to modern geometric and everything inbetween. Waverly fabrics are made from materials that stand up to abrasion and tension to bring durable, lasting beauty to your home. There is a right and wrong side to this fabric, meaning only one side is meant to be exposed. Waverly fabrics are perfect for window treatments,.

How to Make a Razor Blade Bracelet Painting a Razor Blade Bracelet

JASON HARRIS Hi, I'm Jason with ExpertVillage. Today, we're making bracelets out of wires, just basically recycled stuff we've found lying around. So far we've taken some wires from a phone line, and we have a couple to choose from here. And now, before we do anything else, we're gonnaI'm going to put some fake blood on the razorblade. Now, this one is already done, and it takes a while to dry. But all I've done here is take in some glue and mix it with some paint and put on the razorblade. That way it's not sharp. It won't.

Cut you, and it looks kinda cool. So all we've done is take in glue and any kind of glue will work, preferably something that's not water soluble. Just put a little bit down on some paper and mix a little bit of red paint with it. It doesn't take a lot of paint. The paint will automaticallyjust a little bit will make that all of that glue turn red, bright red. So just take it and mix it in the paint. There you can see thealready it's kinda starting to get jelled up a little bit like blood would. So we'll just take the.

Razorblade and put in the paint, or else put the paint on the razorblade, whichever you prefer. And it's going to dry for a few hours. If thisyou probably want to do this first. This probably takes a couple hours to dry. So we'll just set it off to dry. Since I already have the one that we're going to use for this. That's already dried. We'll just use it from now on. You just really want to make sure you give it plenty of time to dry. If you don't, then the paint will come off the sharp edge and you'll end up cutting yourself or.

Flexible Solar Cells Could Be Woven Into Clothes

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Flexible Solar Panels

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