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Kohler Generator Basics

Hi this is Josh Roelofs with FYI, aninformational tutorial series from Wholesale Solar. Today we’re going totalk about Kohler generator basics. Wholesale Solar is an authorized Kohler generator distributor, and our experienced, factorytrained technicians can help recommend a generator for your application. Kohler generators are industry renownedfor their durability and reliability and we have a wide range of models and sizes in stock for almost any purpose. There are two main applications for a generator. The first is providing standby power for a home during a power outage,and second is providing power for an offgrid home.

Most people experience power outagesdue to thunderstorms, severe winter weather, earthquakes, and other factors. And these outages can severely affect your home and family. A Kohler home standby generator assuresthat you can weather the storm. Generators are also used in offgridpower systems mainly to supplement solar power during prolonged periods of overcast weather. They can also be used offgrid as a backup power source incase of equipment maintenance or failure. While some people will operate theiroffgrid home entirely on a generator, over time the cost of fuel can add up, and for that reason we recommend a solar power

system with generator backup. A Kohler home generator is the ideal choice for seamless backup power. Home generators are professionally installed by your electrician, and they’re permanently mounted outside on a pad and wired into your home electrical system. A home generator’s going to start and stop automatically when needed to providepower for your home during an outage Home generators operate on eithernatural gas or propane fuels. They can work in conjunction with battery backupand solar electric systems.

Portable generators are also designed for standby backup and offgrid power and there’s a wide range of sizes available, although generally size is smaller compared to a home generator. A portable generator is your most costeffective option and no installation is required. These generators operate on gasoline ordiesel fuel, however manual start and stop is required and they need to berefueled frequently. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a generator for your home. Here at Wholesale Solar we have years of experience designing powersystems, and Kohler factorytrained technicians ready to assist. If you havequestions or need help feel free to call

one of our solar experts or visit thewebsite. This has been Josh with FYI. Call 18004721142 or visit wholesalesolar .

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