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Diy Solar Panel Usb Charger

OK Here is my version 2.0 of my USB Solarpowered um device gadget charger for my iPhone and my Google Nexus 7 and on my iPod touch.um. You saw my other one that i made well maybeyou didn’t but i made another one out of a tin that wasn’t an Altoids tin. It was pretty mangled and underpowered butit worked. It would bring my iPhone from maybe 26% to75 or maybe 80% but this one charged it from 20% to 100% and then i hooked it up to myiPod touch that was because it ran out of battery and this chaged it all the way to100% and still had more left over. and here

is the guts. i took out the stuff i got fromBDG The USB charge circuit and the plug here the 2.5mm plug and put them in this tin andgot some 2500Ah batteries i bought from Radio Shack i would have bought from BDG some morebatteries but I’m more of an impulse purchase kind of person so. usually when i buy somethingits on the spot. and if i have to order, now this sorta stuff you can’t just buy from RadioShack and if do i don’t know i would even trust it. they don’t really have a lot ofinformation about what they are selling and the people there don’t know what they aredoing so you have to know what you are doing if you buy from there so luckily i was ableto talk to the guy from BDG before i bought

stuff from there and thats why i did that. This one this ones got a lot of power it’s5000 mA of power and uh. the other one was uh 3000, 32, 3200 mA but um it worked justfine. i didn’t use it very much but now i put together a. solar panel to charge thisup. see if i can back up enough to see this.this is a CD case i took a 6 volt 167mA 1 watt and these ones are 6 volt 84 mA eachso all together is 335mA so. thats pretty good and that will charge. just throw thisin the window. hang it up. i got a hook in the window.hang it up by the thing. anda suction cup and plug that into here plug

this in and uh just let it sit in the sunand it charges up and uh so thats free. and if I was ever out in the woods or lost somewhereand i just happen to have this which i am going to. my next step is going to be toput everything in this tin because this solar panel here this one fits in here perfect and2 of them will fit in here perfect and then you just uh what I’m going to have is thebatteries here running underneath here and then I’m going to have a solar panel on topand then the the uh USB circuit and the other thing over her and I’m going to have Lithiumionbatteries this time BDG has these 2000 mA I’m going to get 2 of those and a charge circuit(controller) for the lithium ion and another

USB circuit so this will stay intact. I’ll still have this but I’m going to makea whole new one with this panel plus another one so i’ll have 2 panels it will all be inhere so i can carry it around and then when i need it, pop it open it and throw it inthe sun to charge i’ll just have it. i think those lithiumion batteries can holda charge and just sit there for a up to a year before you even need to use it so itcan just sit there charged and when i need to use it and when it runs out just open itup and let it charge up again check the. the cool thing about that is the Lithiumioncharge controller has a light that tells you

when it’s charged, when the batteries arecompletely charged and thats what i’m really going for cuz this one i have to measure thevoltage in the cells to make sure they are right about 1.4 volts i think is where i stopit. Its hard to, you can’t just throw the stufftogether, charge it for 3 days and hope thats enough or hope thats not too much cuz uh itcould get dangerous or it could just ruin your batteries especially with Lithiumionif you don’t have the right stuff and you just try to hook a lithiumion battery tosomething it starts pulling a lot of voltage off that battery more then 4.2 then or evenless then 4.2 it can explode.

DIY solar usb charger to charge Smart Phone Power Bank or Any USB device

hello all as you can see that i have made the positive and negative terminal of the solar panel and attached an aluminum clip

at the end of the wire this is a multi pin usb charger you can use this for any feature phone and the conventional one

this is the circuit diagram here i’m using 2 solar panel of 6 volt each and they along produce 700 milli amp current and 6 volt remember i have connected them parallel

and i have connected my usb dc charger the bottom is the positive one and the corners are the negative one and yeah !! it is working please ! please ! please ! do make sure that you have connected them ( circuit ) properly and tested them with a multimeter unless this will blow your device

so the final section , i have used a polystyrene box to keep all my circuit and my device you can use any kind of air tight plastic box if you really want to keep your device waterproof and finally you guys see that device is still charging i have tried and tested this for more than a year and its working absolutely fine thanks a lot !!!

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