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Weekly Thai Words with Ja Solar System

Hello and welcome to Thai weekly words with me Prathana. This week, we will be learning about solar system. phraatht Sun phraatht bpen suunglaang khaawng rbp sryjkgrwaan The sun is at the center of the solar system. phrjan moon khuuen nii phrjan suai mak Tonight the moon is very beautiful. What a romantic sentence! lok earth lok mi dai baaen The earth is not flat. daao angkhaan Mars kho wa gan wa phuuchaai maa jak daao angkhaan They said men are from Mars, and women are from Venus..

Long Tail water pump for paddy field in Thailand

Here is the farm machine that is used the most in Thailand. There are up to 1 million units of this longtailed water pump. Yes, there are million units of this water pump. My senior in the university told me that the longtailed water pump was invented by Thai people. It is called 'Toh Pa Ya Nak' in Thai. I am not sure if it is true or not. The inventor got an idea from a longtailed boat. The boat has a longtailed propeller that pushes the boat forward. Insert the longtailed propeller in to a long metal tube, hook it with an engine, it becomes a longtailed water pump.

This pump is popular because it requires low engine speed, low force and less fuel. It requires low force because the pump itself is submerged in the water. The suction head is ZERO. Therefore the tube only sends the water upward. Require less power and less fuel. Better than the other type that the pump is set on the ground. Come in various sizes 6 inches and 8 inches in general or bigger sizes, 12 inches and up to 20 inches. The big ones are used in shrimp ponds and fish ponds.

Submerged the pumping head down into the water. Canvas tube is connected to the discharge end of the pump. Hook the pulley of the pump and the pulley of the engine on a walking tractor with a belt. Tightening the belt. Secure the walking tractor so that it will not move. Lift it up to show the submerged part. A propeller is inside the screen at the far end. The screen helps to prevent debris in water to get into the pump. Inside the tube is a long shaft. Grease is put in here for lubrication.

New Lab for Solar Cell Fabrication at Mount Holyoke College

Alexi Arango, Assistant Professor of Physics The entire facility is custom designed by myself with the intent of making the fabrication process as facile as possible. The innovation with this system is that everything is in one place. So we have three interconnected glove boxes, and you start at one glove box, with a particular process, and then you move from glove box to glove box in order to complete the fabrication process. Alyssa Goncalves '11 Physics Major We're going to be using chloroform to dilute our quantities of cadmium selenide quantum dots. We want to spin films of cadmium selenide and we want different.

Amounts of cadmium selenide on different films. Arango My research focuses on thirdgeneration solar cells. And thirdgeneration solar cells employ new semiconducting materials, like quantum dots, molecular dyes, metal oxides like white paint. Kathy Aidala, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Physics Alexi's lab is well set up to make layered structures with different materials. I'm interested in some of those fundamental properties of the, the electronic properties of these materials that go into making solar cells. Arango Our alternative semiconductors can potentiallywe don't know for sure result in dramatically higher efficiency and dramatically lower manufacturing costs..

Aidala You really need to know some of the details about how charges move through those materials. So I can actually look at combinations of those materials and see, well, how easy is it for the electron to get from one type of material to another type of material, for example. And then that might later on affect the efficiency of the device. Janice Hudgings, professor and chair of physics We can build the device, we can test it and figure out what's wrong with it, think about how to do it better, and then build the next one.

It's great for students to be able to see that whole process, and it opens up this whole other realm of sort of possibilities for engineering and physics questions we can ask. Arango Our longterm vision is to be able to deploy a technology in innovative ways that no one has thought of before. We're talking about printing on large fabricsa footballfield size solar module, essentially. And then carrying that up to a skyscraper and rolling it off the edge of the skyscraper. Like an instantaneous power plant, essentially, from solar.

Worlds first floating solar power plant in operation in Korea

Speaking of energy,. the worlds first solar plant constructed over water has started operations here in Korea. The local developers say. similar plants like this one. could one day make waves in the global energy market. Our Sohn Jungin takes us to the plant. This is the worlds first rotating, solar power plant on water. Unlike other conventional solar facilities that are fixed on land, this module is designed to move along with the movement of the sun during the day, which increases energyefficiency by 22 percent. The floating plant in Anseong, Gyeonggido Province consists of 16hundred panels that.

Can produce 2thousand kilowatts of energy per day,. which is enough to supply about 200 households. The concept of movable solar panels is not new, but other versions consume a great amount of energy to rotate. This one does not. Using water buoyancy, two motor engines are enough to operate an 8thousand square meter generator that follows the suns movement to maximize efficiency. The installation can withstand winds of 50 meters per second and can adjust its level depending on water level changes. Water fountains around the module are designed to lower the temperature of the water to prevent.

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Thailand's Sunny Bangchak Solar Power Plant.Thailands Sunny Bangchak, a 44MW PV plant, has been connected and can now help mitigate 32000 tons of CO2 emissions. It the largest silicon PV power..

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