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Best Solar Panels For Off Grid

FYI Four Main Types of Solar Systems

Hi, and welcome to FYI , a new informational tutorial series from Wholesale Solar. My name is Josh Roelofs and today we're going to talk about the different types of solar systems available. The first and most common option for a PV system is a gridtied power system in which the solar panels and your inverter is tied into the household electrical system and it simply offsets your energy usage. A gridtied system offers the lowest overall system cost, fastest return on investment. It saves money on energy expense by sending energy back into the grid and turning your.

Meter backwards. It's ideally suited for people who are trying to save money on energy costs. The drawback to a gridtied system is that it does not offer protection from power outages. When the power goes out, your gridtied system is going to shut down. So if you're in an area where the power is unreliable, or you want to protect against power outages, you'll want to consider one of our other options. A gridtied with battery backup system is going to offer the best and most comprehensive features for most people. It can provide backup power to your appliances during a power outage.

It can also turn back your meter to offset energy costs. This system is especially suitable for people who live in an area where the power is unreliable or people with critical equipment like computers, or a pump, or something you need to run during a power outage. Like coffee. Gridtied with battery backup is going to offer a combination between cost savings and independence from the power grid. An offgrid system is completely independent from the power grid. It's especially great for areas where there's no grid power available, or where it's incredibly expensive to bring.

In the power grid. You can literally buy land anywhere and install your own power system. This offers the highest level of independence for people who are seeking selfsufficiency. However, there's a price for that independence. The batteries are going to wear out quicker because they're being cycled every day. Typically they'll be replaced every 510 years, depending on the system. BUT. did I mention total independence A gridassist system works similar to and uses the same equipment as an offgrid system. Solar panels recharge your batteries and your appliances run off the battery system.

The difference is A gridassisted system can use the power grid as a backup power source. The grid will turn on automatically when the batteries are low, because it's nighttime, or because there's not enough solar power to support your appliances. This will save you some money on your energy bill, especially if you're in an area where they charge higher rates during the day based on TimeofUse Metering. These are your 4 main system options available from Wholesale Solar. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to check out our website or give.

SP Series HybridOffgrid Solar Inverter by OPTI SOLAR

Hello, today I'd like to introduce you to OPTISolar's SP Series Inverters. This SP Series Inverter right here safely and efficiently converts DC power sources into AC power feeds. It's great for offgrid residential, commercial and industrial configurations, as well as hybrid configurations thanks to its AC input. The only difference is it doesn't plug into the grid. SP Series range from 1.2 to 11kVA for the wall mounted version here, and 1.2 to 3.6kVA for rack mounted versions. These inverters continuously provide up to 11KW with a nominal input voltage of 120 or 230Vac and 24 or 48Vdc for systems over 5,000W.

This powerful and highly efficient inverter delivers a pure sine wave. This means you will have a clean and reliable energy source to power even your most sensitive equipment. This low frequency inverter is equipped with an iron core transformer to step up the voltage and compared to high frequency transformerless inverter types, this SP Series inverters can deliver higher voltages and has a greater surge capacity. Thanks to the unsurpassed charging current of the AC charger, you can charge bigger batteries of 600Ah and higher, and also change the settings of the charger.

This allinone inverter also has a 40A solar charger. You can use it to create different configurations thanks to its dual AC and DC input sources. Plus, you can set all source of ACDC priority logics and also others settings with this configurable inverter. Its system control panel including LCD display, LED indicators and control buttons is used to configure your SP Inverter, set and display advanced features, and also provide diagnostic information, all in one place. This makes it easier for you to monitor and control the system. Right here you can see battery terminals for all types of lead acid batteries, the terminal.

Block for AC input and output, the breaker, the solar input and the communication interface. This system offers many communication options, including RS232, SNMP and USB connections. You can also collect and analyse all your data with our builtin software. Plus, a Generator Card is available, which enables you to easily connect your generator to the inverter. For advanced applications with higher capacities, we strongly recommend that you try one of our PWM or MPPT solar external chargers. For more information on the SP Series inverters or any of our other products, please go to.

Off grid living How to live off grid with solar panels

Off grid living How to live off grid with solar panels Solar panels are now finally inexpensive enough for every home owner. Stay tuned because in this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can set up your own solar panels to power your entire house. I'm also going to show you where you can get the cheapest solar panels and even with no experience get the instruction to install them yourself. Hi, I'm J. R. Fisher with Survival Cave Food. In this tutorial we're going to talk about how.

You can set up your own solar panel to power your entire home with no skills whatsoever. The use of solar panels has skyrocketed in the past few years which is great for us as consumers. As demand grows for these solar panels, well the production keeps increasing and guess what That drives the price down. Nowadays, if you search solar panels on the internet, you're going to get millions of results. The simplest and most basic way to do this is to figure how many panels you need, purchase those and hook them up to a power storage source which could be as simple as a connection.

Of several batteries. The number of panels you need will be determined by your usage. Now, you can make your own panels, but that's a little advanced. I wouldn't recommend that step. I would leave the manufacturing of the panels to the experts because there's so many more steps that you can do on your own to save money. You could do the sizing for your system, you can pick all of your own components, you can install your solar panels and inverters and then you can do all your safety disconnections.

Here's a great place to start out. WholesaleSolar. On this site there's so many free s on subjects that you're going to need to start your solar panel system. Their information includes basic information, batteries, charge controllers and disconnect. They also have files on inverters, electricity, energy management and mounting. And guess what They even have a file on RV solar. While they do have all the products that you'll need to design your system, all of their information is free. They'll tell you how to start, plan and design and it's all free.

So there you have it. All the information you're going to need to help set up your home with solar power. And a great website to get you started. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. You've got to join me for the last number eight tutorial out of this entire series on how to have an adequate water supply. I'm even going to tell you how to get the water that you're going to need. Thank you so much for watching. Do me a favor comment below. Your comments are where.

Our tutorials come from. Maybe your comment will be our next tutorial. And also do me a favor, subscribe below. When you subscribe to our channel, we can let you know when that next tutorial comes out. Don't forget we're always here on YouTube, visit us on Facebook and you can always go to our website at SurvivalCaveFood. Thanks and stay prepared. beep variance, you'll see you'll see you'll see beep laughter beep inverters mounting I'm reading from over here I can't remember them all beep start your own solar power system panel thing for your house.

Overview and Testing Canon Vixia R500 Camera with external Mic at our off grid solar cabin

Good morning bill and rosa our off grid solar cabin im trying to test out this new camera. with a microphone and also i have no clue what it sounds like. but as you can see its pretty foggy here. drawing in about 130 watts of solar of the roof up there but uh see if i can get you a better shot out of this but i did change out the uh turbine with a new tail wider longer tail. and uh put the little barrings up there and i will editing more tutorial cause i did.

About 20 to 30 minutes of me taking it off and putting it on and all the work I did so that will take a little time to try and go through and clean it up I did that and see if i can get around here without getting to muddy. its a mess around here. and then i put in another piece of stove pipe and just because I wanted to and gave it support straps cause its pretty high up there now. and we got our first egg off of one of our hens.

A little brown hen that came off the nest she did lay in the nest. which was cool. usually they dont start off laying in the nest. but we took care of them and had to go pull my pickup truck out of the bog went to help my neighbor and sunk the pickup truck its a mess. but we came home and thats what we pretty much attacked. let me get up here and walk across my little path be glad when it dries out a little bit. but thats what we did.

The tutorial is coming out were i put that up there and respond and a little bit a wind that thing will turn now with out any questions so we will see how that little barring works out. thats about all we did. cloudy and overcast thats what we had going on. there will be some tutorial coming out shortly after I get them all cleaned up and the turbine work and a few other things I was doing but yall have a blessed day. My dad is still kicking but not very high but he is having some good days and bad days.

SP Efecto HybridOffgrid Solar Inverter highfrequency by OPTI SOLAR

The SP Efecto Series is a unique solar power solution that safely and reliably converts DC power sources into AC power feeds. It's a perfect solution for all of your offgrid residential, commercial and industrial configurations. As well as hybrid configurations thanks to its AC input. The only difference is, it doesn't feed into the grid. The SP Efecto series ranges from 1 to 5kvA, and continuously provides up to 4000W with a nominal voltage of 230V. What you need to know about the SP Efecto series inverter is that it is a highfrequency inverter,.

Yet shares many of main features of our SP Series inverters. Its highfrequency transformerless design enables it to be quieter, smaller, lighter and also consumes less power. How efficient is it It is 93 efficient. Also making more costeffective. And just like our SP Series inverters, this powerful inverter right here delivers pure sine wave power, meaning you have a clean and reliable power source for even your most sensitive equipment. And do you need to charge bigger batteries With this powerful inverter, you can! That is thanks to its 50A charging current.

This is an allinone inverter with a builtin solar charger. You can decide many different configurations for this inverter, thanks to the dual input source. One is AC source from the grid, the other is DC source from the solar array. Its compact modular design includes a LCD display, LED indicators and control buttons making it easier for you to monitor and control the system. And here you can see the power switch, the battery connectors, the PV input port, the communication port, the AC input and output ports, as well as the input breaker.

This system operates many communication options, including RS232, SNMP and usb connections. And you can collect and analyse all your data with our builtin software. Plus a generator card is also available which enables you to easily connect your generator to the inverter. And for advanced applications we strongly recommend you to combine our inverter with one of our PWM or MPPT external solar charge controllers. For more information on our SP Efecto series, please visit optisolar. And if you have any questions or any inquiries , please feel free to contact us.

eng subs Off Grid Charged Minn Kota and Humminbird 999CI

Hello I would like to show you how i have connected the solar panels in my boat Theese solar panels gives a total of 40W 2x20W Which under perfect conditions as today, gives roughly around 2.2Ah They are connected to a MPPT controller below the deck It looks like this. It is capable of charge and discharge at the same time. I ordered from eBay and UK. 730SEK shipping included may 2014 The MPPT controller was 130SEK shipping included. Considerable cheaper than buying in Swedish shops As said this is a boat and the batterys are in the front under the locked hatch.

One battery for starting the motor and the other for onboard electrics There are cables along the side going from the MPPT controller in the back to the batteries in the front. The battery gives power to the sonar and the Minn Kota trolling motor that has GPS iPilot At the moment i am anchored in this bay since i am out fishing. This is the midsummer holiday with the usual bad weather. So i was a bit worried that there was going to be water in the boat. But there was no reason for concern because the battery was fully charged at 14,4Volt.

Despite the fact that there had been some rain previous days. and the boat was nice and dry! It is quite easy to connect. There are markings on the MPPT controller for what goes where. Just follow the instructions. Solar panels plus and minus Battery plus and minus and the light bulb for consumption, plus and minus. Very easy to connect This solution gives a battery that is allways charged, even when beeing out fishing for a whole day like this. Using the trolling motor and sonar It keeps the current consistant.

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